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Global service provider turbocharges employee productivity with BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix Digital Workplace


and back-end efficiency save thousands of hours/year

Automated discovery

improves efficiency and frees up valuable staff time

Significant savings

due to merging of L1 and L2


everis, an NTT DATA Company, provides consulting and outsourcing to help clients in all industries and sectors navigate the changes brought on by disruptive technologies and accelerate digital transformation.

The Challenge

The company’s internal service desk has handled IT incidents and requests using BMC Helix ITSM. However, the company didn’t have a unified process for managing service requests from other departments. Consequently, employees wasted time tracking down the right team to handle a particular request type. Requests were tracked by disparate tools, and in some cases, manual processes.

To simplify the submission of all types of service requests and ensure timely fulfillment, the IT staff defined a catalog of services across multiple functional areas and departments and made all services available through a single, unified platform it named Click.

The Solution

Using BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix Digital Workplace, the IT staff built an end-to-end request management platform with a comprehensive service catalog and an intuitive interface that allows employees to request virtually any item or service that can be fulfilled through a business workflow.

BMC Helix Digital Workplace provides the consumer-style interface for submitting requests and checking request status. Behind the scenes, BMC Helix ITSM runs business workflows that automate and accelerate approval and fulfillment processes. These workflows move requests through review and approval, procurement, receiving, and installation.

The company recently rolled out BMC Helix Discovery to automate asset discovery and dependency mapping. This solution automatically populates the BMC Helix CMDB, a single repository for all IT assets, with data to enhance visibility into hardware, software, and services across on-premises systems as well as multi-cloud environments. Service and support teams and other stakeholders can leverage this information to increase efficiency and improve decision making.

When everis deploys BMC Helix ITSM change management in the near future, the CMDB will provide change managers visibility into asset dependencies to understand the impact of any changes they deploy.

Business Impact

The combination of Click and BMC Helix Discovery has already yielded substantial cost savings and the staff expects additional savings as the level of automation rises.

  • The end-to-end request management platform saves time for everis professionals, giving them more time to work on revenue-producing efforts.
  • Built-in scalability means IT can easily onboard new departments, quickly adding their services to the catalog and increasing the return on investment in BMC Helix solutions.
  • Self-service submission reduces the number of calls and email messages to the service desk.
  • Built-in governance is provided by reporting, change control, service level management, and other capabilities.
  • Easy integration with Jira, CIP, procurement and billing systems, and other corporate systems increases opportunities for automation and higher efficiency.

“BMC Helix is more than an ITSM tool at everis. It’s a business process solution that enhances the performance of our employees so they can provide the best possible service to our customers. It’s mission critical for our business.”

— José Carlos de la Rubia, Manager of Infrastructure and Governance, everis

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