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Credit Union Australia manages escalating data demands with BMC

90% faster

environment refresh

+40 minutes

shorter batch windows


recovery process


Credit Union Australia (CUA) is Australia’s largest credit union, contributing to the financial wellbeing of around 550,000 Australians through banking, general insurance, and health insurance offers.

The Challenge

To support its 48 branches, CUA’s technology team of 130 staff members manages over 700 servers across two data centers. The core banking platform is TCS Bancs, hosted on an IBM® Z® series mainframe with IBM® CICS® and IBM® Db2® communications and database servers. Along with the core banking platform are integration layer and member experience services such as online banking, mobile banking, and payment services.

Increasing its focus on member needs and requirements, CUA is introducing application enhancements almost monthly. With this dynamic growth comes major impact to data and processing requirements, from increasing daily transaction volumes, to deposits, withdrawals, and payment services on member digital channels. These larger data volumes have an adverse effect on overnight batch and database housekeeping windows.

The Solution

After a rigorous four-month proof of concept, CUA chose Recovery for Db2® (now called BMC AMI Recovery for Db2®) to optimize its data recovery strategy and execution. Recovery for Db2® is an intuitive, modern tool that helps companies recover from outages quickly while maintaining data integrity. It also allows technology teams to simulate disaster recovery scenarios for outage planning and compliance purposes. 

With this solution, CUA’s technology teams saw significant opportunities to reduce long-running overnight batch jobs, lower processing time for data refreshes, remove risk to service availability and performance for critical member services, and simplify its housekeeping tasks.

The Results

Recovery for Db2® has allowed CUA to continue maintaining a high level of service for members, while automation capabilities are streamlining back-up and recovery processes. The capabilities in Recovery for Db2® enable CUA to realize several benefits, including:

  • Facilitating root cause analysis and remediation within the same business day, dramatically reducing impact to members.
  • Completing the refresh process in under three hours, easing the burden on DBAs who no longer dedicate weekends to the process.
  • Proactively anticipating and reducing downtime by simulating recovery times and running periodic recovery health checks.
  • Using Log Master and High Speed Apply components during change windows to generate SQL statements and help simplify batch migration jobs, drop recovery, and database updates and audits.

“We would recommend BMC solutions. Almost every large mainframe organisation should have BMC products supporting their mission-critical applications.”

— Ross McGrath, Head of Core Product and Workflow Platforms, Credit Union Australia

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