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BMC IT delivers seamless web experience for 6,000+ employees


employees impacted

12x faster

web page loading time

24 hours

to full data visibility

Business Challenge

BMC was preparing to launch its new employee portal, BMC Digital Workplace built on the SharePoint platform, which promised a more intuitive and organized user experience. BMC IT was up against a hard deadline, the annual Sales Kickoff event, where the new portal would be prominently showcased. Initial performance testing resulted in an average homepage response time of an agonizing 61.6 seconds. These poor results magnified issues that needed to be addressed immediately.

BMC Solution

BMC IT used TrueSight App Visibility to learn the latency of the different web page components to get a clearer picture of the projected user experience. The latency data allowed them to diagnose problems within the code. Monitoring was installed on web servers and data collection began almost immediately. Within 24 hours, IT had the breadth of data required for intelligent analysis and triage.

Business Impact

With the data from BMC IT and TrueSight App Visibility, the developers were able to troubleshoot the problems with the following results:

  • Reduced homepage loading time from 61 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Deployed in 3 weeks, just in time for the Sales Kickoff
  • Automated fixes to ensure speed in testing for future changes

TrueSight provided the critical bridges between the quality assurance, central IT, app development, and network teams. It made possible a new troubleshooting process that provides the QA team a self-service mechanism to optimize applications. TrueSight is now used for monitoring and debugging activities on the app server side for all performance testing projects in BMC IT.

“We needed a solution to provide rapid feedback to the development team with sufficient specificity to allow quick root cause triage and resolution. By using TrueSight App Visibility, we were able to build an end-to-end picture and quickly understand where to prioritize our efforts.”

— David Riggan, Sr. Director of Solutions Delivery, BMC

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