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Workload automation helps healthcare provider cut batch failure rate by 50%


batch jobs per day


fewer resources needed


drop in failure rate

Business Challenge

As a healthcare services provider, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (BCBSF) is committed to delivering superior service while keeping premiums low. Maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead costs are top priorities. IT supports these objectives with a sophisticated infrastructure running dozens of critical systems on mainframe, UNIX®, Linux®, and Intel® platforms. Keeping those systems up to date and operating reliably involves completing 50,000 batch jobs on time each day. Any interruption in service could hamper employees in delivering quality service to members.

BMC Solution

BCBSF uses Control-M to keep its huge batch processing workload running smoothly. Sophisticated cross-application, cross-platform scheduling capabilities help staff identify and resolve problems that might delay processing. Additionally, tools such as Control-M Batch Impact Manager complement the workload automation capabilities with the ability to proactively determine the impact of failures or delays in batch processes.

Business Impact

BCBSF has regularly upgraded its Control-M implementation to take advantage of new functionality. This has enabled IT to keep the operations staff lean while absorbing dramatic growth in batch processing workload.

  • Despite rapidly growing job volumes, IT has reduced operations staff requirements by 55% over three years, freeing up people for high-value projects.
  • Automated forecasting saves up to two hours of staff time daily and avoids negative business impacts.
  • Over four years, the staff has reduced the abend rate by more than half to achieve a failure rate of 0.41%.
  • Early warning of problems permits the staff to head off problems before service level agreements are missed.
  • Automation positions BCBSF to accommodate changing healthcare mandates, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and avoiding penalties.

“Control-M automated scheduling software is in our DNA and it is rock solid. The key requirements that I look for in software products include reliability, scalability, the ability to identify anomalies and root cause with ease, full cross-platform support, and application integration. From my perspective BMC’s product suite and support deliver on all of these essential aspects.”

— Rick Zarlenga, IT Production Support Manager, BCBSF

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