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Quality Commitment

BMC Software is engaged in an ongoing process to continually improve the quality of the applications it develops and the services it provides. The quality initiatives team at BMC is involved in all stages of the software development lifecycle to ensure that quality is taken into account, from requirements gathering, to design and architecture, through coding and testing, and finally ongoing maintenance and support once the software is released.

Quality Process Overview

The quality initiatives team has established a common quality management system for BMC Products based around a set of shared goals and practices embedded in a repeatable process. This process has been built into the BMC software development lifecycle and a formal approval and signoff is required at various points. This ensures both visibility and governance of the quality goals, results, and investments.

Using market data on quality and a set of common quality standards, development teams set quality goals for each release. These goals cover multiple aspects of product quality such as performance, application security, supportability, usability, customer validation, etc. Prior to release, the results are reviewed and measured against the plan. Teams identify areas for improvement and drive actions plans for subsequent releases. The intention is to continuously improve the quality of the product release over release.

Defining Quality Principles

  • Voice of the Customer: Everything BMC does from a quality perspective begins with a customer orientation
  • Continuous Improvement: Quality is a journey rather than a destination and BMC strives to continually improve quality beyond the standards already achieved
  • Preventative and Corrective: Proactive approaches when defining, testing, and mitigating actions are taken
  • Measurement & Metrics: Routine measurement and monitoring provides insights that inform proactive and preventative actions
  • Enterprise wide: End-to-End Enterprise-wide process focused where core functions and processes effect quality
  • Risk Based: Risk based approach that assesses the risk environment to optimize allocation of resources toward quality initiatives

BMC is committed and focused on investing in the resources and systems to support the Quality Management System in order to drive continuous improvements in the products that we develop and the products and services that we host for our customers. The focus on quality is something that is a requirement for all levels of management and individual contributors throughout BMC.

How to contact us

The quality initiatives team at BMC can be reached via e-mail at: quality@bmc.com