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In the World of Mainframe, Customers Come First

Jonathan Adams
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Jonathan Adams

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The mainframe is one of the most critical components in support of mission critical operations at most of the Fortune 1000 enterprises.  For these companies, optimizing the throughput, stability and cost of the mainframe platform remain vitally important. These companies lead the global economy and anything less than optimal execution and performance is unacceptable. These companies demand that their mainframe vendors provide the best hardware, software, services, and support.

These sites have requested that the installation and maintenance of their mainframe software be made better, simpler, faster, and more consistent and less costly and error prone.  Companies are looking to the vendor community to develop standards to which everyone can subscribe and make all vendor software install seamlessly. BMC is proud to be one of the founders of a new consortium that will place serious focus on improving the installation process for z Systems software. Through this consortium, IBM has been working with other leading industry software vendors on a variety of installation-related improvements, as announced recently. BMC is working closely with IBM and the consortium to ensure that customers can more quickly and effectively install and update their mainframe software. This will save companies time and money, and ensure a faster path to becoming digital enterprises. During the effort, our desire is to exploit the new common installation features to simplify mainframe product installation and reduce customer expense in learning and maintaining installation technology from multiple vendors.

BMC is proud to be one of only a handful of mainframe software leaders providing true innovation on the platform. In the past 3 years, we’ve launched 8 new products and have been awarded over 30 patents for our new inventions on the mainframe. These inventions are providing a wide variety of good news for customers: from the industry’s fastest and most reliable data management technologies, to new options for reducing MLC costs and addressing tough challenges with managing Java applications, BMC is listening to customers and responding quickly.

Based on our recent annual mainframe survey results, we learned that companies are depending on the mainframe even more today than ever before – 89% see the platform as a critical, long-term foundation for their data and transactions. Over half of the 1227 respondents said they keep over half their data on the mainframe. This is the very reason that BMC is investing in making the mainframe the best it can be, as opposed to pulling away from it as some vendors choose to do.  Customers can count on BMC for their mainframe needs today and well into the future.

Read more about the IBM z Series common installation announcement.

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Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams is vice president and general manager of ZSolutions and Select Technologies at BMC Software, Inc. He leads product management and research and development for the company’s full suite of mainframe products as well as those in its Select Technologies portfolio including solutions for DB2, IMS and MainView as well as the MLC Cost Optimization suite. During Adams’ 20+ year career with BMC, he has led BMC to significantly improving product reliability and delivering new releases that target customers’ top needs. Adams began his career as a systems programmer for BellSouth Services. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama and a master’s of business administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.