Winners and Losers among Super Bowl Ads

ETrade Baby Ad

ETrade Baby Ad

It’s Super Bowl weekend, and while most will have their eyes on the game, some tune in for the ads. During his storied career, BMC Chief Marketing Officer Nick Utton was responsible for popular Super Bowl ads including the “E-Trade baby” and “MasterCard Priceless” ads. Nick joined Deirdre Bolton from Fox Business to discuss some of the winners and losers among this year’s crop of Super Bowl Ads.

As with previous years, many brands are releasing their ads early. So who did the best job?

“The Clydesdale and the dog ad is spectacular, will capture the imagination of the American public, and I’m sure they’ll love it,” he said of the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser commercial. When asked about the Bud Light Pac-Man commercial Utton said, “Thumbs up, but will it sell more beer? We’ll have to watch, but it’s certainly entertaining.”

Another perennial favorite, Doritos also drew Nick’s attention, “A classic every year with some very unexpected executions with a rational piece, an emotional piece, but it’s funny.”

BMC CMO Nick Utton on Fox BusinessUtton notes that advertising is normally the uninvited guest at events. “This is the one event of the year that advertising is invited to the party; it’s just as big a part of the show.” But brands can’t only do it for the entertainment value, “What’s the ROI for the investor?”

Nick says that Anheuser-Busch “nailed it,” and Doritos too, but questions Wix, and comments on Go Daddy’s strategy. The web company spent 4.5 million for 30 seconds of airtime and pulled its ad due to negative reactions, “some folks are not sleeping well at night there,” he says.

BMW is an interesting ad, but Utton isn’t convinced it’s a home run. So which ones will be? “We’ll see on Monday what the American public votes.”

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