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What would you build if you could exploit your IMS data?

Tom Niermeyer
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Tom Niermeyer

IMS drives financial transactions, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, and more around the clock, around the globe. The Fortune 1000 alone process 265 billion secure transactions per day! Every time an IMS transaction occurs, data about that transaction is logged. What if you could use that log data in real time to detect and prevent security breaches through the use of security information and event management (SIEM) tools? What if you could feed the real-time log data to analytics engines to help you prevent problems – and quickly and efficiently find the root cause of any problems that do occur?

You may already be using IMS data for analytics, but how does the data gathering affect transaction times? How much overhead does it add? Is the data you get in real time, or do you get it after logs have been switched? To make real-time decisions, you need real-time data. There hasn’t been an easy, secure, or inexpensive way to correlate IMS log data and use it for analytics…until now.

AMI Data Extractor for IMS changes the model by gathering real-time data and enabling you to choose just the data you need by using exclusive two-phase intelligent filtering. And it does all this with no impact to transaction processing times and no detectable increase in CPU.

With real-time data, you can do more than prevent security breaches and find problems. You could even develop instant targeted marketing campaigns for your customers and deliver those while your customer is conducting another transaction with you. The possibilities are endless. What will you build?

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Tom Niermeyer

Tom Niermeyer

Tom Niermeyer is Vice President and General Manager for IMS Solutions at BMC Software, Inc. In this role, he leads the teams that develop, market, sell and support BMC’s IMS portfolio of products. He joined BMC in 1993 and has held various leadership roles, primarily in sales. Tom held several sales positions at Eastman Kodak prior to BMC and has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Texas A&M University.