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How to Unify IT Service Management with Business Objectives — and Save $715,000 in a Single Year

Kellyann Lanspa
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Kellyann Lanspa

The value of cloud IT service management can extend well beyond enhancing and accelerating IT processes and initiatives. By integrating ITSM workflows with business processes and services, companies can improve efficiency throughout the organization while enabling more seamless, convenient, and effective experiences for employees.

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recently interviewed a major retail services provider to learn more about how they transformed service delivery for its employees while realizing a rapid return on investment of over $715,000. The company implemented Remedyforce, built on the Salesforce platform, to deliver a unified solution in which ITSM data and workflows are natively integrated with asset data, HR data, skills and training data, and other business data. As a result, employees can now use a single portal to access a broad range of services—and the company can route and respond to their requests more quickly and accurately than ever before.

ITSM on the Salesforce platform delivers better experiences at a lower cost

Before the company’s Remedyforce implementation, its small IT group had struggled to keep up with the needs of its users. The workforce numbered over 35,000 employees, many of them part-time, and roughly half of them using their own mobile devices or home computers for work. The ITSM solution the company had been using required specialized skills for integration and development, which made staffing a continual, costly challenge. Meanwhile, requests were often misrouted, inefficient processes bloated support time and costs, and the service desk backlog continued to grow.

With Remedyforce, the company now delivers ITSM though the same Salesforce platform it uses to build modern applications across the business. This enables a simpler user experience, better integrated workflows, and the ability to shift resources based on real business priorities. As new application capabilities are needed, the company can leverage its existing Salesforce development expertise to create new solutions more easily, more quickly, and at lower costs.

For employees in the field, a simpler self-service process can be accessed through any computer or mobile device for fast, convenient fulfillment. Remedyforce is also a core element of the company’s new PeopleHub portal, a digital workplace initiative that lets people access services from a variety of internal departments or partners through a single screen.

Just as importantly—especially for a relatively small IT department where every dollar counts—Remedyforce complements these business and IT benefits with significant savings in both the short term and the long term. In the first year alone, the company saved $400,000 in deployment costs compared with its previous ITSM solution, and another $315,00 in annual savings for license costs, personnel, and mobile endpoint asset reassignment.

Analyst firm EMA concluded that “Remedyforce once again stands out here with software that’s an enabler, not an imposition—in fact, Remedyforce is added fuel for accelerating IT forward into the digital age.” You can find the complete case study here, with analysis and ROI estimates that underscore the strategic value of ITSM to drive workplace and business transformation.

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Kellyann Lanspa

Kellyann Lanspa

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