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TrueSight Intelligence: Big Data Analytics For IT

Shayne Higdon
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Shayne Higdon

TrueSight Intelligence Big Data Analytics For IT

The digital revolution touches every aspect of our lives. What we’re able to do with technology today is astounding.  With a tap, voice command or gesture, we can access and do virtually anything. But as an IT pro or digital leader, you know the impact of the digital revolution on IT isn’t as simple as a tap, voice command or gesture.  Since the invention of the computer, nothing has challenged IT quite like the digital revolution has challenged our focus, responsibility and accountability.

TrueSight_Intelligence_screenshot1Today, I’m thrilled to announce the availability of TrueSight Intelligence, a cloud-based big data analytics solution that collects and analyzes machine, business, and operational data, from virtually any source, enabling fast, data-driven decisions for digital service improvement and innovation.  This is big data analytics FOR IT in the digital era.

We designed and architected TrueSight Intelligence based on extensive conversations with our customers. We learned that our customers use, on average, 15 different data sources to make decisions and when they’re making a decision, solving a problem or exploring growth, they spent about 70% of their time in the data collection process alone.  Essentially, in a world where everything is connected and everything talks, IT pros are trudging through a quagmire of digital exhaust in search of meaningful insight.  It’s painful, it’s time-consuming, it’s manual and often, by the time the data is ready for analysis, the ship has sailed.  We heard our customers loud and clear, a better approach to sifting through and exploring massive amounts of data isn’t just a nice to have, it’s an imperative.  So we went to work.  With priorities of speed, agility and openness at the top of our mind, we set out to build TrueSight Intelligence, from the cloud up.

Unlike many otherTrueSight_Intelligence_screenshot2 vendors attempting to solve this problem, TrueSight Intelligence doesn’t have a bias for the data you need to analyze to solve your unique IT and business challenges.  TrueSight Intelligence can ingest and analyze any metric and or event from any source at any frequency.  Our REST API for metric & event data as well as out-of-the-box integrations with BMC solutions help you paint the most accurate, real-time picture to inform your decisions.  And with the rate of change and technology advancement, our approach ensures you can analyze the right data at the right time in the right context because let’s face it, the data you’re using today might not give you the context you need to make the right decision tomorrow.

A customer recently told me, his goal in 2016 is to change the conversation he has with his business partners. Gone are the days of reporting on what happened. He’s focused on the future.  Specifically he said, “ I don’t want to tell people how fast I fixed a problem, I want to tell them what problems we prevented from impacting the business and what we are doing to tune the technology that supports our digital initiatives.” To help IT organizations change the conversation, they need data.  TrueSight Intelligence automatically learns the behavior of any metric (I mean, ANY METRIC, like machine data, service desk data, business data or even external sources of data like social sentiment, traffic and weather.)  That data is then aggregated and contextualized to show relationships and patterns among metrics, among events and between metrics and events.

Built on an open source, micro-service architecture, TrueSight Intelligence can stream and analyze, in real-time and at scale, high volume of fast moving data, leveraging Apache Storm™, Spark™, Kafka™, and Cassandra™.  And because TrueSight Intelligence is built from the cloud up, customers get value fast and there’s nothing to maintain since there is no infrastructure to manage.

It’s our vision to bring the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to the IT pro and Digital Leader who need to be a citizen data scientist to rise to the opportunity of the digital era.  We envision a world where traditional sources of IT and machine data (i.e. performance metrics, high severity incidents and change events) live in contextualized harmony with business and operational data (i.e. customer service call volumes, social sentiment, revenue goals and more) because no one has the time or the resources to manually wade through all the digital IT and business data only to make a decision based on intuition.

Nothing about IT in the digital era is as simple as a tap, voice command or gesture. TrueSight Intelligence streamlines big data analytics FOR IT by using the best data, no matter the source, to give you the perspective and insights you need to make the right decision.  Learn more about our approach at and enjoy a free, 30-day trial!

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Shayne Higdon

Shayne Higdon

Shayne Higdon is the president of the Performance and Analytics product line at BMC Software. He also serves on the board of JAMF Software, while being an angel investor and making time for his family. He brings his broad experience in corporate strategy and board-level executive functions to operate and scale global organizations across North America, EMEA, Russia and China. Best of all, he creates world-class teams that develop innovative products and go-to-market strategies across the globe.