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Three Things to Consider When Considering a Digital Business Automation Solution

Flora Tramontano Guerritore
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Flora Tramontano Guerritore

Why Control-M?” is a question I often hear people ask when researching digital business automation solutions.

I’m tempted to answer with a long list of features and facts that demonstrate why Control-M is superior in features, quality, price, customer support and durability.

However, features change quickly. To quote Kano, “What’s exciting today will be asked for tomorrow, and expected the next day.” Rather than provide a list of features and facts, I’m going to focus on three things everyone should consider.

  1. Design and scope
  2. Customers
  3. Company and people

Design and scope

Jared Spool, the American writer, researcher and usability expert, once said: “Good design, when it’s done well, becomes invisible. It’s only when it’s done poorly that we notice it.”

In this era of digital engagement, good design and a simple user interface are the minimum standards for any digital solution. Think about how we instinctively avoid poorly designed websites and cumbersome applications that force us to navigate through multiple environments. Our expectations increase significantly for the critical business tools we rely on every day.

BMC’s UX teams interact with hundreds of customers to make sure Control-M provides a simple, intuitive and consistent user interface that is easy to navigate. Users are trained in a way that seems natural, giving them the confidence to leverage all of Control-M’s robust features and components. The proof? You’ll find multiple customer quotes on TrustRadius, where Control-M’s usability is rated 9 to 10 out of 10.

Control-M combines an intuitive user interface with robust functionality that gives businesses the tools they need to automate and support workflows – ultimately helping them navigate their digital transformation journey. Control-M combines workload automation with managed file transfer capabilities (Control-M Managed File Transfer); integrates with the widest range of CRM and Big Data applications (Control-M for SAP, Control-M for Hadoop); includes end-to-end job output archiving capabilities (Workload Archiving); provides a unique DevOps collaboration portal for workload automation change management (Workload Change Manager); and accelerates application deployment with “Jobs-as-Code” and a Workbench development environment (Control-M Automation APIs).

Everything works within one familiar interface. Control-M’s overall consistency and attention to detail are evident from its global view down to its smallest features. It’s new and legacy tools make Control-M a truly unique solution — much more than a long list of exciting features.

BMC continually expands Control-M’s reach – investing in new infrastructures and cloud systems, new applications and big data, and new agile processes. We are leading the industry into a new wave of IT automation, one that BMC calls Digital Business Automation.


At BMC, customers come first. Thousands of companies around the world rely on Control-M to manage important digital business functions. Clients represent all industries, business sizes, digital maturity levels, and life cycle stages.

From multi-national banks like ITAU-Unibanco (customer testimonial), and major utilities like Eaton Corporation (customer testimonial), to modern software companies like Malwarebytes (customer testimonial), there are numerous customer success stories available (more than any other vendor) that demonstrate how clients are leveraging Control-M to drive business value.

Many clients use Control-M to run critical business activities with zero tolerance for faults. Amadeus, a global technology provider for the travel industry, uses Control-M to deliver services that ultimately determine whether airplanes are cleared to fly. These services include managing passenger identification, providing boarding pass QR/bar codes, monitoring fuel control, scheduling flights for air traffic control, and handling food delivery and baggage logistics. Who would entrust these critical flight checks to a product that is not reliable?

To use the words of Frank Waegeman, IT Manager at Colruyt, Control-M is “like the heart of the human body, that delivers oxygen to all the vital organs… BMC is a company that listens to the customers, they really listen, because they do something with what they hear.” (customer testimonial).

Company and people

Finally, look at how many years the company has successfully operated in the Workload Automation (now Digital Business Automation) space. There is a lot of literature from the most important analysts (Gartner, EMA, Forrester, IDC) around Control-M’s position as a leading solution in the market.

In my time at BMC, I’ve seen first-hand that employees dedicated themselves to developing best-in-class products because the company culture attracts talented people with positive energy, innovative skills and collaborative spirit.

I’ve been exposed to other workplace cultures, having previously worked several years at a multinational company in the Service Management area. I can honestly say BMC’s culture is very strong, with clear values that translate into customer-focused product development.

This goes hand-in-hand with serious continuous investment in all the phases of Control-M’s product lifecycle management, that guarantees support your business evolves.

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About the author

Flora Tramontano Guerritore

Flora Tramontano Guerritore

Flora Tramontano Guerritore, Lead Solution Marketing Manager at BMC in Rome, Italy, drives Solution Marketing efforts for solution messages and positioning, products, sales plays, and use cases that support the Digital Business Automation marketing program. With deep domain expertise and staying current on key industry trends and hot topics, Flora applies her mindset to understand customer goals and the value they can derive from Digital Business Automation solutions. Flora built her technical foundation in IBM, working in various roles in engineering, software development and customer support. Prior to joining BMC, Flora served for 10 years as the Worldwide Product and Offering Manager for IBM’s z/OS and distributed Workload Automation products, directing key technical and marketing tasks, which included business analysis, product roadmap and strategy, as well as the development of messaging, collaterals, and content delivery at customer briefings and events.