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The Network Troika – Security Availability and Performance

Bronna Shapiro
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Bronna Shapiro

2017 was a banner year when it came to security breaches, but not in a good way. It has been reputed that ransomware netted $2 billion, which is 50% higher than in 2016. Thus, security is top of mind for both businesses as well as consumers – and it applies to mainframes as well as to mobile computing. But this is not the only thing that keeps IT up at night. Being able to provide a network that is available 24 x 7 and that delivers lightning fast performance are two other critical components. In fact, digital business which depends on the availability and performance of the network is so crucial there are sites devoted to making you aware of which websites are up and running and which are not. and are two that come to mind. Today’s consumer expects to hit ‘enter’ on a website, smart phone, tablet or even their laptop and receive an immediate response. There is no tolerance for anything else – be it a momentary slow down or a serious melt-down of your network’s ability to deliver a secure, speed of light connection, every day, all day. If this happens, you risk both business and reputational damage.

That is true for the mainframe networks (TCP/IP and VTAM®) that support the flow of data and transactions that are crucial to your business. These networks are difficult to manage across disparate systems and code bases. Your clients expect an instant response when they interact with your services. IT may not even be aware of network issues that impact end users if your network monitoring and management solution isn’t working as effectively as possible. Plus, finding, identifying, and fixing networking problems in a complex mainframe environment is challenging. Delays in problem resolution cause business to suffer. That’s why a mainframe network management solution must automatically resolve network issues before they negatively impact staff productivity and business service levels.

What if you could meet the high availability and performance demands for your mainframe networks while ensuring their security and reducing the overall cost of running your system at the same time? What if you could meet the ever-growing needs of the business while empowering new workers with easy-to-use, efficient solutions to manage and automate those networks? Look no further than MainView for Networks. MainView for Networks delivers the visibility and transparency that you need into your networks. With MainView for Networks, you can find, detect, diagnose, and resolve mainframe network issues for IP, SNA, and VTAM automatically—before end users detect a problem. You’ll also gain availability, performance, security, and productivity benefits that your business needs while reducing your mainframe costs. Don’t let your current solution put you in a vulnerable position. Get the facts.

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Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro

Bronna Shapiro has been involved in a variety of roles in the software industry ranging from systems programming to product and solutions marketing. At Candle Corporation (now a part of IBM) Bronna was in charge of product management for the operating system and subsystems solutions. At PROS, in Houston, TX, Bronna was the industry solution manager for high tech and led a team to determine the top pricing solutions that would benefit high tech manufacturing. Bronna graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Today, Bronna is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for MainView Systems Management at BMC Software.