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The Need for Intelligent Compliance

Peter Chargin
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Peter Chargin

Minimize risk and speed remediation

Security breaches are no longer surprising, but the fact that most successful attacks are preventable should cause us all to reexamine our cloud and data center processes. Our latest infographic illustrates some alarming facts.

IT Security and Compliance

Did you know?

  • More than 80% of attacks target known vulnerabilities
  • 79% of vulnerabilities have fixes available on the day of disclosure

So why does it take so long to detect and remediate them?

The SecOps Gap

Security teams are responsible for compliance and know what needs to be remediated. Operations teams are responsible for performance and uptime and know that changes for remediation are often risky. As a matter of fact, 80 percent downtime is due to misconfigurations caused by changes. As a result, it takes an average of 193 days to resolve security issues. Security and Operations teams must collaborate in order to bridge the gap and resolve vulnerabilities more quickly.

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Peter Chargin

Peter Chargin

I'm the Senior Director of Solutions and Product Marketing for BMC Datacenter Automation and Cloud. I've been working in software products for enterprise customers longer than I care to admit (more than 20 years - ouch!). I'm currently responsible for all product and solutions marketing activities for the DCA, Cloud and DevOps products at BMC. Previously, I've had similar roles HP Software and Mercury in the Application Management, Service Management, and Automation product lines. I've also been involved in some great startups and have always concentrated on working with the software development and IT operations teams in the companies I serve. I love bringing together the customers and product teams to help solve important problems.