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The Italian Job – BMC Sponsors DUGI

Phil Grainger
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Phil Grainger

Over 100 customers recently attended the annual Italian Db2 User Group (DUGI) meetings in Milan and Rome. Pattrizia Rizzi and Adrian Collett organized the event and attracted attendees from over 40 Italian companies. BMC was proud to be sponsors of these meetings.

This year there were presentations from IBM, CA/Broadcom and Rocket Software. In addition, BMC Software presented one session on what’s new in DB2 12 – the latest and greatest from IBM, and a second one co-presented by me and Robert Cason on BMCs SQL Performance Solution. Roberto (Senior Software Consultant, BMC Italia) delivered his part of the session in Italian, which was certainly well received by the audience.

During the day, in both locations, it started to become clear that there was some resistance to the upcoming migrations from Db2 11 to Db2 12 as well as concerns over application performance and options to tune SQL.

Are You Procrastinating?

When the audience was polled to see what Db2 versions were currently in use, it was a little bit/it struck us as a bit concerning that no one in the audience had started the migration from Db2 11 to Db2 12. Given that support for Db2 11 will be withdrawn by IBM in September 2020, this only leaves 18 months for businesses to start and to complete their migration! For small companies this may be OK, but this should be a concern for the larger ones. We suggest that folks create a detailed plan for this migration and work through it with their stakeholders. Additionally, we wonder if there is there a common reason for the lack of migrations?

Complaints in the Digital Age and Social Media

Following on from DUGI 2018, and a presentation entitled “Solving Db2 Performance Problems”, (covering how to first find performance problems and then how to quickly triage them to see if there is anything that can be done), this year we talked about the new Digital Age and customers either voting with their feet (and moving to a competitor) or using social media to air their grievances. In this punitive environment, it is important more than ever to ensure that performance problems can be spotted early and dealt with speedily – ideally before they actually become a problem.

This led into how BMC solutions can help by finding known performance problems (with MainVew for Db2), uncovering unknown problems (with APPTUNE), and ensuring that an optimal solution has been found (with Access Path analysis and Workload Access Path Compare).

To see more on how BMCs SQL Performance solution can help manage performance of Db2 applications, please visit BMCs website.

We also took the opportunity to present the bulk of this performance session in Italian. It’s admirable that people can listen to technical presentations in a foreign language – but it is hard work mentally. The audience definitely appreciated an Italian interlude.

Experts Panel and Summary

Each day closed with an experts panel. There were some heated discussions, in both locations, about how to ensure that Db2s APPLCOMPAT is set to the “right” value. It appeared there was shared concern that setting this parameter to the wrong value might “break” something.

There were also some questions and clarifications about the reduced overhead we have recently delivered in our SQL Performance solution to make the monitoring SQL almost completely overhead-free.

From the event feedback, everyone found the day either “quite interesting” or “very interesting” – underscoring a good selection of topics. The feedback also showed that attendees want details about BMC’s Next Generation Technology (NGT) utilities. Maybe that’s something we can consider for DUGI 2020.

To find out more about DUGI, head to their website

I’d like to finish by thanking both Patti and Adrian for organizing yet another amazing pair of DUGI events (and also for chaperoning the speakers between Milan and Rome – that added to the stress-free feeling). Lastly, thanks to the attendees and the conversations we had during the event.

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About the author

Phil Grainger

Phil Grainger

Phil has 30 years experience of Db2, starting work long ago in 1987 with Db2 Version 1.2. Since then he has worked with all versions, including Db2 12.

From his beginnings as a Db2 DBA for one of the largest users of Db2 at that time in the UK, through his time at PLATINUM technology, his almost 10 years as Senior Principal Product Manager at CA and through to his current position with BMC Software, Phil has always been a keen supporter of user groups and is a regular speaker at both vendor sponsored and independent events. His work with IDUG includes being a past member of the European IDUG Planning Committee, an inductee into the IDUG Volunteer Hall of Fame and now Board Liaison for BMC Software

Phil has been honoured by IBM as an Analytics Champion from 2009 to 2017

Phil is now Lead Product Manager at BMC Software working in support of their Db2 tools portfolio

In addition, Phil is a regular contributor to the IDUG sponsored
Db2-L discussion list