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The Dummies Guide to Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles is a Smart Read

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Gabe Geller

At a strategic level, every company wants to respond to customer and market demands faster. That has led hundreds of thousands of businesses to pursue DevOps at the tactical level. It’s also led IT, strategy and line-of-business professionals to shrug and ask, “Now what?” when tasked with translating their DevOps strategy into reality.

More questions quickly follow, like:

  • Does testing need to change?
  • Where does CI/CD fit it?
  • What about containerization?
  • How will this affect the jobs our business relies on every day?

Many companies have searched for resources to answer these questions as they navigate the path to DevOps and digital transformation. The Dummies Guide to Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles delivers smart, practical insights and examples of organizations around the world who have successfully build DevOps cultures. The book is a great tool for Control-M users because it shows how Application Workflow Orchestration can enable and enhance DevOps and CI/CD in general, and specifically how to apply containerization and other automation in those environments.

It’s not a scare-you-into-the-future business book that drones on about why digital transformation is important and why you are missing out, nor is it a marketing puff piece that presents a bunch of hypotheticals about how various techniques and technologies could be used to create vague (but great!) benefits. Instead, it is a clear, reasoned and responsible overview of how to improve DevOps by optimizing the run phase of application lifecycles during development.

Readers will also learn how the Jobs-as-Code approach is helping companies make sure that applications and jobs created in DevOps environments run smoothly out of the gate when they are promoted to production. Jobs-as-Code is a DevOps approach that treats application automation management in the software development life cycle just like any other code components of an application. With Jobs-as-Code, workflow automation can even be extended to container development and delivery, as the book explains. When jobs are developed at the same time as the rest of the code, they can be tested with the main codebase.

The Dummies Guide to Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles packs a lot of information into a short, PDF-format book. If you want to know why to do DevOps, read something else. If you’re involved in implementing and/or improving DevOps practices at your organization, download your free copy of Dummies Guide to Accelerating DevOps Delivery Cycles today.

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