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Tell Me More About Smart Tune and How It Can Help Me Save Db2 Costs!

Jim Dee
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Jim Dee

Wouldn’t it be great to quickly and efficiently identify the SQL statements that are costing you the most, and only then invoke more costly collection activities to obtain the data you need to tune those statements?

As a Db2 DBA, you are responsible for maintaining the performance of SQL executed by all the applications that connect to Db2 for z/OS. But it can be frustrating to accommodate the costs of collecting all the necessary performance metrics. You end up collecting metrics for a large set of SQL statements, most of which are performing just fine, solely to ensure that you have the measurements you need for those few that are not.

BMC has solved these problems with innovative technology that we call “SmartTune” – part of our SQL Performance solution.

The idea is to rapidly identify the SQL statements that are costing the most to execute, and only then collect more performance metrics about only those statements. We have developed a less intrusive and much less expensive method to collect the cost of each statement, by exploiting the performance metrics found in the Db2 statement cache for both static and dynamic SQL. Customers will find that this is sufficient information to identify problem SQL, without collecting detailed (and expensive) data on ALL statements.

We plan to eventually automate the process of collecting detailed metrics for the statements identified by SmartTune, thus closing the tuning loop. You can limit detailed collection manually as soon as SmartTune is delivered, and find immediate savings in the costs of extracting SQL performance metrics.

SmartTune is planned to be included in SPE1811, our delivery of enhancements in the maintenance stream. BMC’s Continuous Delivery program continues to deliver a stream of meaningful enhancements to all our Db2 products. Please contact your Account Manager for more information.

Talk to your BMC account team or a BMC salesperson about the use of BMC SQL Performance tooling, and how that can help you avoid the costs associated with poorly performing SQL. Ask them about the “SmartTune” feature that will allow you to do this much more effectively and cheaply, making sure that the minimal costs of monitoring your SQL are focused on finding problem SQL.

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About the author

Jim Dee

Jim Dee

Jim Dee is a Corporate Architect in the Data Management organization in R&D at BMC Software. He is responsible for the technical content and integration of the DB2 for z/OS product lines. He has worked at BMC since 1990, mostly in DB2 Backup and Recovery, as a developer, product author, and architect, and has held his current position as Chief Architect since 2007. Prior to joining BMC Software, Jim worked at various employers in the IT industry for 16 years. He worked as an application developer, systems programmer, DBA, and vendor developer. Jim has a B.A in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario.