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Service Management Automation and Integration Drive Business Growth

Darvey Lavender
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Darvey Lavender

Buchanan Technologies’ IT services empower enterprises across the U.S. and Canada to concentrate on what they do best—their core business competencies—instead of worrying about the IT environment that supports business operations. Our offerings include help desk, managed services, field services, and project services.

Buchanan has consistently delivered on our commitment to serve the best interests of our clients and we’ve been recognized for our efforts. In 2015, Buchanan ranked #37 on CRN’s second annual Managed Service Provider 500 and CDN included the company in its Top 100 Solution Providers.

Like other providers, we focus on delivering highly reliable services. What separates us from the pack is our philosophy. We focus on strong, long-term partnerships that not only support the customer’s business but also constantly improve the customer’s effectiveness and efficiency in leveraging technology to drive the business forward.

Here’s an example: Like traditional help desk service providers, we charge customers on a per-incident basis. The more incidents a customer submits, the higher the charge. But unlike traditional providers, we leverage automation, best practices, and sophisticated tools to drive efficiencies that reduce the number of incidents the customer submits.

This approach may sound like a money-losing proposition, but it has quite the opposite effect. It increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, motivating customers to stay with us for the long haul. As a result, instead of constantly scrambling to replace customers who have defected to competitors, we can focus on continually growing our customer base. That translates into continually increasing revenue.

To ensure customer IT environments are as good as they can be now and that they constantly improve over time, Buchanan Technologies must stay at the forefront of technology. That’s why a little more than a year ago we launched a transformational initiative that positions us and our customers to excel in the digital economy. That transformation included the implementation of solutions from BMC Software:

  • Remedy Service Management Suite, which provides digital service management to ensure highly efficient incident, problem, service request, change, and asset management processes
  • TrueSight Operations Management to closely monitor our IT environments to provide actionable data that guides us in improving application and infrastructure management
  • Client Management to manage mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers in a way that ensures exceptional service while minimizing costs, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risks

Working together, these solutions provide a single point of reference that gives us a seamless, consolidated view into what’s going on in our own environment as well as what’s going on in our customer environments.

Where We Were

Before implementing BMC solutions, our business had been growing rapidly and we saw a number of exciting opportunities for expansion. But to support growth, we needed to reinvent the way we were handling service management. We had a lean team of experts with in-depth knowledge and skills. But instead of trying to hire 30 more just like them, we needed to make them more productive by eliminating the time they were spending on low-level work.

We realized it was time to replace our homegrown help desk tool and low-end monitoring tool with a single, scalable, integrated toolset—one that offered incident, problem, service request, change, and asset management, plus infrastructure monitoring and endpoint management. One of the most important requirements was to partner with a vendor that has the same attitude toward its customers as we have—to be a partner and not just a seller of products. After an eight-month process looking at many different vendors, we determined that BMC Software was the only company that met all of our requirements.

Where We Are Now

Today, the combination of Remedy, TrueSight Operations Management, and Client Management is giving us a seamless, consolidated view into what’s going on in our customer environments. The integration across solutions delivers amazing value. For example, alerts from TrueSight Operations Management automatically generate tickets in Remedy and the solution’s operational IT analytics help us reduce event noise, alerting us only on abnormal behavior. Remedy provides detailed data to help with troubleshooting and resolution. For example, if TrueSight Operations Management alerts us to an issue with a server, we can look in the Remedy system and perhaps see that a field service guy just did some recabling on that same server.

Smart IT provides a modern interface that translates into high productivity for our support people as well as for our customers’ support teams. Although people have the option of using the traditional Remedy console, once they try Smart IT, they never go back. It provides a natural way to enter information and presents contextual recommendations that help support people quickly zero in on and resolve issues. Most of our customers use Smart IT and they are particularly excited about the mobility it offers, allowing them to access all Remedy capabilities from any location.

With Smart Reporting, customers don’t need our help to create reports and dashboards that give them visibility into what’s happening in their environments. And they can present the information in whatever format work best for them.

Smart IT and Smart Reporting actually give Buchanan an edge when we’re talking to prospective customers. When prospects ask us how we can make them more efficient, we lead with Smart IT and Smart Reporting, and they quickly understand the value these capabilities deliver.

One of the greatest features of the BMC solutions is its scalability. Our company has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and we expect that growth to continue. Not long ago, we won a contract authorizing us to provide services to universities in the province of Ontario and we’re in the process of onboarding several universities. We operate the help desk for one university that has 30,000 students and we’re onboarding another that has 60,000 students.

The BMC solutions allow us to absorb these large numbers of end users and accommodate the resulting increases in ticket volumes without missing a beat. So we can scale the business without corresponding increases in costs or decreases in service quality. We’ve already experienced a 250 percent growth in user population and absorbed a 21 percent increase in call volumes, while still meeting our service level agreements.


At Buchanan Technologies, building and nurturing long-term customer relationships is paramount. That requires that we not only deliver high-quality service to our customers but also empower them to deliver high-quality service to their customers. Our challenge is to continue to meet those requirements while rapidly growing our business. The unparalleled automation, integration, and scalability of BMC solutions combined with BMC’s strong commitment to its customers has enabled us to meet that challenge.

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About the author

Darvey Lavender

Darvey Lavender

Darvey Lavender is the Director of Business Information Systems at Buchanan Technologies. Darvey joined Buchanan in March of 2012 after a career with technology leaders including Microsoft, BMC Software and CompuAdd. Darvey holds a computer science degree from the University of Texas, Austin, and is fluent in several technology languages, is an expert in network environments, database languages, project management, and industry leading platforms including Windows, AIX, Solaris, VMWare, z/OS, MVS and VM. Lavender’s programming languages include Java, C++, C, PL/I, Cobol, Lex, Yacc, Z/OS, HLASM, JCL and more.
In his tenure at Buchanan, Darvey has played a noteworthy role in the implementation of systems and software that have proven to add value to Buchanan’s customers, increase customer satisfaction and keep the company at the forefront of technology. This implementation has driven much integration, and a more robust service management automation system for Buchanan, while limiting the amount of overhead needed, therefore controlling costs.
With a history of being a system architect, and a clear vision and understanding of network environments, programming languages and mostly, a keen sense of understanding a customer’s needs, Darvey brings much foresight to Buchanan and directs his team in a way that is mutually beneficial to the organization, and ultimately the customer.