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Riding the Tech Tsunami into 2020 – 10 things you need to know

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Bianca Buckridee

Tick tock. Tick tock. Time is of the essence in the digital economy. The modern business is more dependent than ever on technology with zero tolerance for outages and delays. Facing rising service demands, modern organizations struggle in a sea of legacy tools to manage increasingly complex, dynamic, and distributed IT environments.

Companies are experiencing a tech tsunami with trends like multi-cloud, multi-device (IoT), multi-channel, DevOps, and big data, creating enormous complexities in their IT landscapes. Organizations embracing cognitive automation technologies like AI/ML, virtual agents, chatbots, and RPA to transform their IT service and operations management tools from reactive to proactive, predictive, and preventive are gaining competitive advantage in the market.

With tech being a driver of change and also the thing being changed, business leaders know that growth and innovation requires a hard look at how service is delivered across the enterprise.

Your Service. Your Cloud. Your Way.

BMC Helix is the only platform that provides the most comprehensive set of choices available across multi-clouds, deployment options, AI/ML platforms, channels, and pricing. Here are the top 10 ways we can help your IT organization thrive in 2020:

  1. Proactive and intelligence-driven service resolution

    Leveraging seamlessly integrated, industry-leading ITSM and IT operations management capabilities, BMC Helix auto-creates incidents from events and provides the information needed to assign the appropriate staff by location and management responsibility.

  2. Vulnerability intelligence for your multi-cloud enterprise

    Applying advanced analytics and automation to data management can increase efficiency and boost employee productivity. An automated, collaborative approach to remediating vulnerabilities and misconfigured resources can strengthen security and help operations and security teams protect even the most complex hybrid cloud environments. (Learn more)

  3. Consumer-grade experiences for the enterprise

    Delight your workforce with the better experience made possible by BMC Helix. Built for the cloud, this reimagined service and operations experience is unrivaled, and provides an intelligent, personalized, and omnichannel experience for the enterprise. (Learn more)

  4. Pervasive intelligence to turn your unknowns to knowns

    Demystify digital transformation with pervasive intelligence that allows you to see around corners, a single view of the technology driving your business, and consumer-grade experiences to delight your workforce. (Learn more)

  5. Achieve operational excellence with AIOps

    AI for IT operations is a culture shift. Transform monitoring and event management and drive significant benefits across IT operations processes by combining the power of big data, machine learning, analytics, and automation. (Learn more)

  6. Embrace your digital worker

    In IT service, humans and bots will work side by side to ensure better results and experiences. “Now you plug into the BMC Helix, and behind it you have augmented workflows of chart bots, RPA bots, human beings, each doing what they’re best at, and giving a far superior customer experience unlike any other. That is happening now, and that’s the future.” Mihir Shukla – CEO, Automation Anywhere (Learn more)

  7. No-code platform for your business

    BMC Helix transforms the way businesses interact, manage, innovate, and scale services across the enterprise, through a single platform— empowering business to manage workflows with no-code. (Learn more)

  8. Cost effectively fuel innovation and demand

    Gaining end-to-end visibility lets you see around corners across your complex IT landscape — enabling cost savings, greater efficiency, speed, risk mitigation, and the ability to future-proof IT resources. (Learn more)

  9. Hands down – industry-leading solutions

    354% ROI, <6 months. Customers choose BMC Helix because it enables them to quickly and effectively modernize their ITSM operations, facilitating operational efficiency savings, enhanced user experiences and productivity, and business agility for future needs. (Learn more)

  10. Platform for the autonomous enterprise

    Embrace the next revolution in IT – autonomous enterprise. Get ready for the future where human intervention in managing IT infrastructure will become an exception instead of a norm. Deliver the next-gen service and operations experience for the autonomous enterprise through an end-to-end platform powered by cognitive technologies.

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Bianca Buckridee

Bianca Buckridee is a solutions marketing manager at BMC, where she is responsible for developing marketing strategy and messaging for Digital Workplace, Digital Service, and the BMC Chatbot. Buckridee previously led Social Media Operations at JPMorgan Chase and SunTrust, where she pioneered new customer service experiences and built the operational and technological model to interact with customers via Twitter and Facebook. In addition to building a social media command center, she created a new cross line of business data intelligence model to gather voice of the customer reporting. She’s also taught kindergarten and third grade proving there is no challenge she won’t accept.