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Panic-Free Audits: Staying Endpoint Compliant in an Increasingly Complex Environment

Joy Su
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Joy Su

When you hear of an upcoming audit, the first reaction is usually panic. It can take a lot of ongoing effort to maintain audit readiness over time—it’s definitely not the kind of thing you can prepare for overnight. Doubts creep in: Are we up-to-date on all our requirements, and in full compliance with SCAP, SOX, PCI, or HIPAA? How many new devices have we added since the last audit and are they all compliant? The list of potential device compliance pitfalls grows longer every day, and as your IT environment grows, managing all these areas gets more and more difficult.

It’s no wonder organizations are now giving extra scrutiny to security threats and vulnerabilities. According to a recent Forbes Insights Survey on SecOps, in 2016, 60% of enterprises increased their emphasis on vulnerability discovery initiatives. To protect and secure your infrastructure, you must know where your assets are and how they’re connected, and understand the risks they can pose if they aren’t compliant.

Automated endpoint management can help ease the stress of managing compliance. For example, by creating standard endpoint environments to push out to all employees, you can lower costs, tighten security, and streamline operations. For best results, here are four things your endpoint management solution should be able to do to help with compliance:

  1. Automate compliance checks
  2. Understand industry standards like SCAP, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA
  3. Get accurate licensing counts for reporting
  4. Integrate with your ITSM product suite

BMC Helix Client Management helps you maintain compliance and reduce security risk with comprehensive, automated endpoint management. The solution can provision devices and efficiently push changes to maintain a standard configuration; report on non-compliance with internal policies or industry regulations; and even allow you to bring devices back into compliance automatically.

To learn more about how you can improve visibility of your endpoints for reduced costs, lower risk, and enhance service, download the Compliance Solution Brief. Try BMC Helix Client Management today.

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Joy Su

Joy Su

Joy Su is the Director of Solutions Marketing in Digital Service Management. She joined BMC in 2016 and is passionate about helping enterprises transform with cutting edge technology. Prior to BMC, Joy led product marketing at Quicken and held brand and product marketing positions at Intel. She earned both her MBA and BS from the University of California – Berkeley, Haas School of Business.