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Is Your Mainframe Budget Getting Hounded by MLC?

Austin Staats
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Austin Staats

Is Your Mainframe Budget getting hounded by MLC

How much of your mainframe budget is being chewed up by MLC? 30%? 40%? 50%?

We have heard it all and have been asked by clients to help put the MLC beast on a leash.

One way clients are saving on MLC is by replacing their mainframe performance monitors. When I think of a monitor, I think of a guard dog. Today, it is possible your organization is paying for two separate guard dogs. If you were to look around the neck of one of those guard dogs, its’ collar might read ASG TMON, CA Sysview, or IBM Omegamon; these are the old Blood Hounds that like to chew up resources and howl at the air. The other guard dog is a smaller dog, perhaps like a Maltese, and if you were to look at the collar around its’ neck, you would see IBM RMF.

Having two dogs means twice as much dog food and these dogs eat one expensive brand: MLC. Also, they don’t share toys and they require a significant amount of effort to maintain and a significant amount of time to identify the culprit when a problem arises. Though these dogs might be great pets, are they truly the best guard dogs or monitors of your environment?

Instead of maintaining the old Hounds and the little Maltese’s, two dogs that are arguably guard dogs, I’d like to introduce you to BMC’s guard dog, whose collar reads MainView. MainView is a best of breed performance monitor, the German Shepherd of guard dogs. MainView eats a lot of food, but fortunate for you and your budget, the brand name is zIIP Engines. Additionally, MainView shares data with its integrated SMF monitor, so you no longer have to buy two separate toys for two separate dogs. Lastly, MainView behaves much better than the other breeds because it was trained to bark only at true problems, therefore eliminating false alarms to ensure that the culprit is quickly identified so the problem can be resolved.

If you are tired of paying for two guard dogs, reach out to your BMC representative to determine how much money your mainframe budget could save after switching to MainView. Also, be sure to ask about BMC’s innovative MLC Cost Management Solutions, known as R4. R4 can help you reduce your MLC up to 20% or more and it plays nice with MainView. For more information on both MainView and R4, check out BMC’s MLC Software Management solutions.

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About the author

Austin Staats

Austin Staats

Austin Staats is a part of BMC's Mainframe Cost Optimization team and specifically specializes in mid-market sales across the United States and Canada. Austin joined BMC as a part of the Business Development team in 2012. Since then, he was responsible for BMC's Workload Automation solution, Control-M, and now has purview of BMC's mainframe technologies in order to help clients continue to leverage the reliable and secure zPlatform. Austin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in speech communication from Baylor University.