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Lock in Lower Mainframe Software Pricing! Three Tips to Getting the Most Out of IBM Pricing Models – An IBM Systems Media Webinar

Stephanie Grubbs
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Stephanie Grubbs

Have you heard about IBM’s pricing models: mobile pricing, country multiplex, and container pricing? Before you consider moving to one of these models, join us to learn three tips to get the most out of the models and lock in lower mainframe pricing!

Optimizing current MSU consumption is more important than ever. Each of the IBM software pricing models use 3 to 6-month historical peak MSU utilization charges to determine their “baseline” or starting point for sizing and pricing. The baseline is then locked in during 3 to 5-year contracts. As with most contracts requiring growth, the starting point is key. Come learn how to optimize your MSU consumption before the baseline price is set and lock in lower mainframe pricing for the long term.

BMC and IBM Systems Media will host an informative webinar on Wednesday, November 7 at 1:00 pm ET/12:00 noon CT. Jeremy Hamilton, Product Account Executive at BMC Software, and Steve Solomon, Lead Product Manager at BMC Software, will walk you through how the baseline is set, how to optimize the baseline, and the potential “gotchas” the models can bring. If you are thinking about moving to one of these pricing models, don’t miss this webinar. Register here.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to drive down mainframe software costs without affecting availability
  • Continuous cost reduction through smart capping and subsystem cost management
  • A structured approach to lowering costs by 20% or more for the long term

Make the IBM pricing models work for you. Register now!

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Stephanie Grubbs

Stephanie Grubbs

Stephanie Grubbs is the Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Software’s mainframe cost optimization offerings. Stephanie has over 7 years of experience in software consulting, program management, and marketing.