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Is the IBM Mainframe Really a Slow-Growth Market?

Phil Grainger
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Phil Grainger

In a recent item on the TechTarget website1, CA’s head of Corporate Strategy and Development inferred that the mainframe is a “slow growth market” and that CA was struggling to see how innovation could drive further growth for them – acknowledging that this was despite the fact that “…. it (the mainframe) was strategic to our largest customers”.

Does BMC share that view?

Those people who know me, understand that I am passionate about the mainframe – and so is BMC.

Last week, for example, we ran executive briefings in both Paris and Frankfurt explaining to some of OUR largest customers (who also believe the mainframe to be strategic) not only WHERE we are innovating, but WHY.

Yes, that’s right – we ARE innovating on the mainframe platform. For as long as businesses recognize the strengths of the mainframe, BMC will be there to support them – inventing new solutions to address new problems and enable new opportunities in this new Digital Age.

Whether this is software like Cost Analyzer for z/OS, or Subsystem Optimizer, that were developed to address the very real concerns that businesses had about the running costs of their mainframe estate; or, our Next Generation technology tools for Db2 that have turned the understandings of Db2 housekeeping on its head.

BMC is still being granted patents on its z/OS tools portfolio, averaging about one new patent EVERY month for the last three years – underscoring our belief that not everything needed to support the mainframes running some of the world’s biggest businesses has been invented yet.

Before I finish, there was one comment in this article, from Ayman Sayed, CA’s Co-President and Chief Product Officer where he said “There is nothing stronger than pitching something that shows a customer you are in the same boat as they are. It demonstrates you have a deeper appreciation for what they are going through“. I’m not at all sure our customers are looking for empathy. In my mind, there is nothing stronger than pitching solutions that demonstrate our continued innovation to unlock new business potential from of the technology that our customers are relying on.

If the mainframe is central to YOUR business success, you need to work with someone who is passionate about the platform and seeks to innovate wherever it makes sense. In short, someone like BMC Software.


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Phil Grainger

Phil Grainger

Phil has 30 years experience of Db2, starting work long ago in 1987 with Db2 Version 1.2. Since then he has worked with all versions, including Db2 12.

From his beginnings as a Db2 DBA for one of the largest users of Db2 at that time in the UK, through his time at PLATINUM technology, his almost 10 years as Senior Principal Product Manager at CA and through to his current position with BMC Software, Phil has always been a keen supporter of user groups and is a regular speaker at both vendor sponsored and independent events. His work with IDUG includes being a past member of the European IDUG Planning Committee, an inductee into the IDUG Volunteer Hall of Fame and now Board Liaison for BMC Software

Phil has been honoured by IBM as an Analytics Champion from 2009 to 2017

Phil is now Lead Product Manager at BMC Software working in support of their Db2 tools portfolio

In addition, Phil is a regular contributor to the IDUG sponsored
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