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5 Tenets for High-Performance IT Operations (1 of 5)

Nandu Mahadevan
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Nandu Mahadevan

In this five-part blog series, members of the BMC OnDemand organization will share their perspectives on the key tenets that guide the way we run BMC software in the cloud for our customers. The first tenet is Standards that scale. Nandu Mahadevan, who leads BMC’s OnDemand organization, provides his views on Standards.

First Tenet: Standards that Scale

Tenet One: Standards that scale

Standards for training, repeatability, and automation are the rules of engagement that enable a cloud service to scale. They are the language of a high-performance operating environment for humans and machines alike. Delivering on the promise of an enterprise cloud service that is highly available and infinitely scalable starts with the basics. Every aspect – naming servers, network devices, IP addresses, version concurrency, maintenance cadence, security standards, and adherence to the ITIL® process framework – are part of what I call Standards.

Automation of tasks should be based on standards. I’m a big fan of automation because simply throwing more people at the problem eventually hits the point of diminishing returns. Automating chaos, however, will only lead to more chaos, and faster! Any value-added automation needs a consistent and reliable source of truth to base decisions on. For example, in many organizations, even the most well-established tasks, such as deploying patches, require accurate information. Missing targets or patching extraneous targets can have serious implications. Most IT directors know what I’m talking about: “One of these days we’re going to clean up our CMDB.” Sound familiar?

With more than 4,000 servers and 10 global data centers supporting several hundred clients that pass through millions of transactions a day, leveraging the Remedy OnDemand Cloud, BMC OnDemand finds a reliable CMDB essential.

I worked in BMC IT for almost a decade before taking this role. My team specialized in automating IT functions and had a lot of fun doing it. At one of my quarterly briefings with the CIO, he asked my team a question: Where would we start our maturity journey if we went back in time and knew everything we have learned over the years? The answer was resounding and unanimous: configuration management. And this response was from a group that included both process gurus and technology gurus. Configuration management often forms the foundation for everything in a highly mature operating environment. Standards begin there and grow, enabling people and technologies to excel at what they do best – thus building scale without compromising quality.

In our next blog, we’ll discuss our second tenet for high-performance IT operations: Automation culture


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About the author

Nandu Mahadevan

Nandu Mahadevan

With 20 years of experience in information technology, Nandu Mahadevan is Vice President of SaaS Operations and currently runs all back office operations for BMC Software, including BMC Remedy On Demand with Analytics, MyIT, Virtual Agent, and Smart IT. He previously held other senior management positions within BMC focused on improving IT efficiencies, optimizing costs, and delivering high-value program initiatives. Results-oriented and innovative, Nandu began his career in engineering and project manager roles prior to BMC. He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering, an honors diploma in systems management, and has completed CIO and CTO courses at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.