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Improving productivity and the bottom line with BMC Helix solutions

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José Carlos de la Rubia

How much time do your employees spend figuring out which department takes care of replacing a burned-out light bulb, ordering a new chair, or issuing a visitor parking permit? And once they figure it out, do they spend too much time submitting a request and constantly checking to find out when they will get what they need?

Not long ago, that’s exactly what was happening at everis. That’s a big problem for a company like ours. The majority of our 24,500 employees are highly skilled professionals who work directly or indirectly helping clients successfully implement disruptive technologies to digitally transform their business. The more time our people spend trying to obtain services and equipment, the less time they have to focus on revenue-producing projects that deliver value to clients and enhance our bottom line.

We’ve eliminated a lot of that wasted time and energy with BMC Helix ITSM and BMC Helix Digital Workplace. Using these two solutions, we built an end-to-end request management platform. It gives our employees a comprehensive service catalog and an intuitive interface that allows them to request not only IT services but also services provided by human resources, facilities, training, finance, project management, and other functional areas of the business. We call it Click.

A Look at Click

Click already contains hundreds of services in its catalog. In addition, we are bringing new functional areas onboard all the time. Our people are submitting 30,000 requests monthly through Click. Seventy percent of those requests are for non-IT services.

Using the consumer-style interface, employees quickly submit requests and check request status. It’s simpler and faster than using the telephone or email. Once the request is submitted, BMC Helix ITSM runs sophisticated business workflows that automate and accelerate request processing—from review and approval by the right stakeholders to procurement, receiving, and delivery or installation.

Requests touch multiple enterprise systems, depending on the type of request. The workflows even interact with project management and billing systems. For example, request tickets include a project code field that ties the cost of the item ordered to the project it is associated with. The cost information is passed to the capital improvement program (CIP) system, where it is added to the total project cost. By automatically allocating cost data to the correct projects, Click simplifies cost tracking and provides a more accurate picture of true project costs.

Consumer-style Click interface

Consumer-style Click interface accelerates request submission and fulfillment.

Leveraging Additional BMC Helix Solutions

everis is leveraging other BMC Helix solutions as well. For example, we’ve implemented the BMC Helix Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to provide a single repository for all IT assets. As a result, we have detailed information to help in a variety of ways:

  • New tickets are automatically populated with asset and user information from the CMDB, speeding ticket creation, improving accuracy, and providing vital information to support teams.
  • When everis rolls out change management capabilities in the near future, the CMDB will provide visibility into IT asset relationships and dependencies so change managers understand the impact of any changes they deploy. This will accelerate the change process and improve the change success rate.
  • Managers have access to historical data in the CMDB to identify recurring issues and then take steps to eliminate them.

The company recently rolled out BMC Helix Discovery to automate asset discovery and dependency mapping. This solution automatically populates the BMC Helix CMDB with comprehensive asset data to enhance visibility into hardware, software, and services across on-premises systems and multi-cloud environments. Service and support teams and other stakeholders can leverage this information to increase efficiency and improve decision making.

BMC Helix Discovery uncovers dependencies among all of our software, hardware, and other IT assets. Application mapping capabilities provide clear visibility into how assets relate to each other and to the business services they support. Application maps help us understand the business impact of any issues that arise so we can set priorities in a way that minimizes disruptions to our users.


With Click in place, we’re freeing up our consultants’ valuable time so they can focus on assisting customers with innovative approaches to digital transformation. We’re also accelerating fulfillment so our people don’t have to wait to get the equipment they need to work efficiently and productively.

The BMC Helix solutions have enabled us to boost employee performance and increase customer satisfaction. What’s more, they are improving the bottom line. We expect the Click/BMC Helix combination to continue delivering significant cost savings in the years ahead. Please read our case study to learn more about our success with BMC.

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I am a Computer Engineer from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and ITIL® V3 Expert. I have developed most of my career in the field of IT Government. I am a professional with extensive experience in the definition of processes and the implementation of ITSM Tools, evolved from a consultative profile to my current position as Manager. I have also directed Infrastructure Services, both for WorkPlace and DataCenter, in different phases of my career. I always approach projects and services with an end-to-end vision and am results-oriented.