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The Digital Business Transformation is Here – Ready or Not!

Carolyn Henry
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Carolyn Henry




Today’s businesses are grappling with the continual onslaught of ever-growing data. The Internet of Things, proliferation of apps and data sources, the sheer speed of commerce, and the starburst effect that each digital transaction creates multiplied by each client worldwide, each device, on and on, second by second on a 24 hour cycle. It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. And it is not stopping anytime soon. IDC predicts 50 fold growth in data over the next decade.1 Now consider the DBA who is urgently trying to manage and maintain the mainframe systems that make up the backbone of digital business across the globe. Not only are they responsible for handling huge volumes, organizing, curating, and protecting that data, they are also putting that data to work to drive insights and competitive gains for their companies.

Some of the Data Management issues and challenges of today:

  • The sheer volume of data is overwhelming
  • Current strategies to handle the issue are creating new problems
  • Response time, HW and storage demands, staffing needs and application rollouts are all affected
  • The amount of maintenance necessary has increased at the same time that maintenance windows are shrinking and downtime or quiet time is becoming a thing of the past
  • Increased downtimes are exactly at odds with what businesses need and are promising to clients – 24/7 always on availability
  • Unstructured data stored in LOBs is a sleeping giant issue – growing exponentially out of control, and just waiting to be discovered

The problem is clear and demands attention. The friction between demands and practices is causing a dangerous disconnect between IT and business goals, increasing cost and risk.

It may seem like IT and our DBAs are fighting a losing battle against this tsunami of data, but it doesn’t have to be so. We can arm them better with next generation tools to address the problems of today. BMC High Speed Utilities with Next Generation Technology provide solutions to these exact problems, with innovation in DB2 Data Management that can help clients meet the demands of digital business. Including:

  • Simplified administration and change management – Improve data integrity and availability while lowering costs
  • Automation – Speed up time-to-market, improve IT staff productivity, save resources, and lower CPU usage
  • Backup and recovery solutions – Implement a complete daily backup and recovery strategy that optimizes performance and availability
  • Application tuning – Find problems before implementing new code in production
  • System monitoring and tuning – Spot issues before they cause outages

DBAs and mainframe professionals are doing their best with what they have against nearly impossible circumstances. Give ‘em a fighting chance with BMC NGT! Only BMC can offer a complete suite of high speed utilities based on an intelligent centralized architecture with self-learning automation, next to zero downtime capability, and is scalable to the extremes of digital business.

To learn more about BMC’s Next Generation Technology, how to become a ‘Digital Master,’ and how many resources are available to you to help you get there, please visit

1 “The Real World of the Database Administrator”, Unisphere Research, March 2015

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Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry

Carolyn Henry is the Director of Solutions Marketing for ZSolutions at BMC.
Carolyn has 10+ years of experience in Software & Mainframe systems starting from her early years at IBM as a technical writer for DB2 and IMS Tools. She has experience in management, sales, enablement, and marketing with Enterprise Content Management and Data Management software ranging across structured and unstructured data.