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Customer Experience: The Incredible Shrinking Outage

David Schipper
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David Schipper

Take a small outage and make it smaller.

IMS is used to manage high volume, high availability transaction environments that involve everything from package tracking, to online banking, to airline reservation systems, and even health care management. Common to these systems: if the data is not available, critical processing stops. Something you never want to see happen.

Occasionally the IMS databases supporting these business-critical applications need maintenance to maintain performance, consolidate free space, and increase sizes. This maintenance is most often applied using a database reorganization process. Sometimes called IMS online reorg, it usually involves a short outage that is needed to finalize the reorg and allow applications to switch over to the newly maintained databases. The goal is to make that outage as short as possible.

BMC provides the gold standard in IMS online reorg, with proven technology used by some of the largest IMS installations in the world. With BMC’s solution, these organizations are able to reorg their environments with the shortest outage possible. And, BMC never rests on its laurels – with its most recent focus, BMC has developed a method to shrink its already industry-leading outage time by an additional 60% or more, as verified in real customer situations.

One amazing example is PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). BCA runs very high transaction volumes. Even a small outage can cause them over 500 transaction failures (mostly due to ATM activity).

BCA was very interested in reducing the length of their downtimes, so BMC helped by introducing a patent-pending technique to rename HALDB prefixes using a single DBRC command, rather than physically renaming all the datasets that make up a HALDB.

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About the author

David Schipper

David Schipper

Dave Schipper is a lead product manager at BMC Software responsible for the BMC Subsystem Analyzer for zEnterprise (Subzero) and the BMC Database Solutions for IMS. As product manager, Dave works with customers to understand their needs and uses that information to set product directions and prioritize new product capabilities as he interfaces with the development teams. Dave has over 30 years of experience with mainframe systems and has been in product management for over 20 years.

Dave has Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Engineering and Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan as well as a Master of Science in Computer, Information and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan.