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Control-M Delivers Again!

Kelsey Adams McRae
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Kelsey Adams McRae


Brace yourselves for some very exciting new releases—three to be exact! If you have been around Control-M long enough, you know BMC is always on the cusp of new, innovative solutions. Allow me to introduce you to Control-M Managed File Transfer, Control-M Automation API, and Control-M on the cloud. There is no better time to upgrade to Control-M 9 than now!

Control-M Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Delivers highly efficient file transfer management securely, with a single point of control. Control-M MFT reduces the time and administration resources required to manually manage and monitor file transfers, eliminates the need for any homegrown scripts, and enables an end-to-end business perspective with service level management, forecasting, and change and audit control for both file transfers and other application workflows.


  • Gain end-to-end visibility into the overall status of your application workflows and related file transfers
  • Transfer files securely with FTP, secure FTP (SFTP), and FTP over SSL, and PGP can be used to secure the content of files
  • Reduce manual troubleshooting with operational dashboard and file transfer search capabilities

Control-M Automation API

Following on the initial release Control-M Automation API in June, BMC is expanding the out-of-the-box job and application pre-built offering. Control-M Automation API is a set of programmatic interfaces that allows developers and DevOps engineers to use Control-M within the existing continuous delivery automation tool chain. Using JSON notation for job definitions, GIT and RESTful APIs for validation, configuration and deployment, workflow scheduling artifacts are seamlessly integrated with preferred tools used to automate the application release and deployment process.


  • Fully consistent delivery pipeline; applications run more reliably and errors are diagnosed more quickly
  • No need to learn a new toolset; Developers and DevOps can use their preferred environments and tools

Control-M on the cloud

With this latest enhancement to Control-M it’s easy to provision, install and configure Control-M on AWS. It provides easy access to cloud ecosystems and capabilities, and provides improved flexibility and scalability as environments can be scaled up and down on demand. With Control-M on the cloud, environments are provisioned within minutes.


  • Reduce the time required to provision and configure Control-M environments
  • Realize the cost savings on infrastructure and storage costs that deploying on cloud provides
  • Now available on AWS (BYOL model)

For more information on these latest releases check out the Control-M Community site or


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Kelsey Adams McRae

Kelsey Adams McRae

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