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Calculate Your Own Personalized Total Economic Impact of BMC Helix

Kellyann Lanspa
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Kellyann Lanspa

Digital transformation is shaping the way that enterprises get from where they are today to where they need to be tomorrow. The challenges of evolving consumer expectations and increasingly complex business processes are being met with the adoption of automation and everything-as-a-service solutions. IT service management is at the forefront of the changing tides within the enterprise, and many businesses are feeling the sting of using outdated ITSM platforms in an ever-changing digital world.

BMC Helix empowers enterprises with scalable, modular and industry leading IT service and operations management they need to stay competitive today and for the long term. Cognitive technologies such as AI, chatbots, virtual agents, and machine learning are used to transform the traditional organization’s services and operations from manual and reactive to automated and proactive. This drives overall efficiency but also deliver faster, more accurate and cost-effective management. To further drive OpEx, all of this occurs in cloud of choice (public, private, hybrid and on-prem) and accessed by device of choice, giving agents and customers alike a more streamlined, intuitive, and satisfying experience.

BMC Helix - The Future of Service and Operations Management

BMC Helix is the first and only end-to-end service and operations platform that’s integrated with 360-degree intelligence. Built for the cloud, this reimagined service and operations experience is unrivaled, giving you:

  • Single pane of glass for ITSM and ITOM functions
  • BMC Helix ITSM optimized for ITIL® 4
  • Enterprise-wide service including IT, HR, Facilities, and Procurement
  • An omni-channel experience across Slack, Chatbot, Skype, and more
  • Cloud native micro-services platform for your enterprise
  • Automation with conversational bots and RPA bots
  • More than 7,500 IT organizations trust BMC ITSM solutions. See why and learn more about BMC Helix ›

Real Transformation, Today

Phrases like “artificial intelligence” and “cognitive service management” may seem futuristic, but they are already playing an important role in today’s business landscape. Moreover, many enterprises have already experienced concrete, tangible results from adopting cognitive technologies such as BMC Helix. Below, we’ll look at what kind of total economic impact BMC Helix can have on your organization.

Before we dive into the numbers, let’s look what’s driving businesses to adopt BMC Helix.

What Organizations Are Looking For in improving service management?

Delivering a seamless and incident-free user experience has never been more difficult — or more important — as employees rely on the whole stack of organizational technology to complete everyday tasks. Organizations stand to achieve substantial returns by enhancing traditional IT service management (ITSM) technologies to empower users with self-service and accelerate ticket resolution with cognitive automation.

Customers want an easily scalable solution to meet the demands of their growing business that would not require a significant investment of time and resources to implement and maintain. Customers also desire a centralized ticketing system, to facilitate prioritizing and routing service requests. Furthermore, the organizations needed a mobile-friendly solution, so end users and service desk agents would not be limited by location in making and resolving requests. Throughout these needs, they want a system that can be embedded with artificial intelligence and automation for maximum impact.

Handling large amounts of service requests has always involved substantial resource challenges including time to investigate and resolve issues due to incomplete information. Driving the necessity for automation.>>

Organizations that implement cognitive technologies may save significantly on service management spending. With cognitive automation, modern DX enterprises have enjoyed major steps forward in Ticket deflection, agentless ticket resolution, agent productivity, and end user productivity. This explains why migrating to BMC Helix can result in an 354% ROI and payback in under six months.

On top of tangible benefits, BMC Helix offers a better experience for both agents and customers. Service agents who have cognitive tech on their side are able to forego lower-level, repetitive tasks and focus on what matters: addressing the unique needs of customers. AI-powered ticket handling frees the hands of your agents and increases resolution speed, even without adding more teammates.

Discover Your Total Economic Impact

Now that you understand the power of BMC Helix, you can discover what your organization would save if it became a cognitive enterprise. Check out the infographic below to discover the total economic impact of BMC Helix on your business:

You can check out the calculator for yourself here and see what your organization’s numbers are.
Dig into the data here. Read the Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

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