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BMCs Db2 Round Table 2018

Phil Grainger
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Phil Grainger

In December 2018, BMC hosted the 18th Db2 Round Table in Cologne Germany. This is an annual event, that brings together Db2 tools users with architects and leaders from BMC R&D for two days spent discussing all-things related to Db2 and BMCs Db2 solutions.


Db2 is alive and kicking, with a myriad of new opportunities. Unfortunately, the challenges that companies are facing are also alive and kicking. Everyone is challenged by the retirement of senior staff as well as the collision between the needs of Db2 administration and the accelerated workflows of DevOps. Both points underline BMCs commitment to solution simplification as well as imminent developments in the DevOps space. The attendees were particularly interested in BMCs moves to shrink the velocity gap between agile development teams and hard-pressed DBA groups.

The Round Table is a great chance to update customers on how BMC can help them overcome challenges and embrace new opportunities.


This year, 30 attendees listened to a total of 13 sessions, including two user presentations on Db2 Pervasive Encryption and Performing Performance Analysis. The BMC sessions covered what’s new in our Db2 solutions and reminded everyone about BMC’s new Continuous Delivery mechanism for releasing new features to our customers on a continual basis, rather than having to wait 18 months between new releases of the tools.


During the Experts Panel the audience was free to ask any question on BMC Db2 Solutions or on Db2 itself. This is one of the highlights of the event and always proceeds in a relaxed and open manner. This year we had questions on Db2 Pervasive Encryption, how Db2’s function delivery is working in practice and some thoughts on security to name but three.


The audience was also very appreciative of the opportunities to socialize with senior BMC staff as well as with their peers. The presentation hall and break areas were full of networking, socializing and general excitement around the state of the Db2 space.

And the socializing didn’t stop in the presentation hall – on Monday evening BMC hosted a dinner at a local Brau Haus, to sample typical Cologne cuisine and beer. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed the famous Cologne Christmas Markets.


At the end of the Round Table, both our clients and BMC were energized and excited about innovations to come, such as support for DevOps change management in the Db2 world. Everyone’s commitment to Db2 was crystal clear!

We are always grateful that our clients can take time out of their busy lives to join the Round Table – and it was gratifying to see from their evaluations that they value the opportunity to spend time in this way. Comments from attendees included:

“Keep it up, I’m always looking forward to the roundtable”

“It has been worthwhile, as every year, to attend the event”

“(we valued) exchange with colleagues, who experience the same challenges”


For 2019, we have tentatively penciled in the week of December 9th for what will be the 19th annual Db2 Round Table. Topics under consideration include Db2 system performance, Db2/mainframe security, and more “how to” sessions on our tools.

If you would like further information, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note –

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About the author

Phil Grainger

Phil Grainger

Phil has 30 years experience of Db2, starting work long ago in 1987 with Db2 Version 1.2. Since then he has worked with all versions, including Db2 12.

From his beginnings as a Db2 DBA for one of the largest users of Db2 at that time in the UK, through his time at PLATINUM technology, his almost 10 years as Senior Principal Product Manager at CA and through to his current position with BMC Software, Phil has always been a keen supporter of user groups and is a regular speaker at both vendor sponsored and independent events. His work with IDUG includes being a past member of the European IDUG Planning Committee, an inductee into the IDUG Volunteer Hall of Fame and now Board Liaison for BMC Software

Phil has been honoured by IBM as an Analytics Champion from 2009 to 2017

Phil is now Lead Product Manager at BMC Software working in support of their Db2 tools portfolio

In addition, Phil is a regular contributor to the IDUG sponsored
Db2-L discussion list