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BMC Utilities News: DASD Manager enhancements

Tom Vogel
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Tom Vogel

You’ve recently seen the exciting news with BMC utilities for DB2, adding CDB Software utilities to the mix. But your current BMC utilities are also gaining steam! Read this blog to find out about the most recent enhancements released for BMCSTATS and DASD Manager.

Move more processing to zIIPs with DASD Manager Plus!

This enhancement enables BMCSTATS to offload significantly more processing to IBM zIIP processors. The BMCSTATS utility currently enables offloading eligible workloads to an IBM System z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) on IBM z9 and z10 systems. Through BMCSTATS, DASD Manager Plus can now offload eligible workloads to a zIIP in order to free general computing capacity, which can help to:

  • Lower monthly licensing charges (MLC) from IBM
  • Reduce your mainframe’s total cost of ownership (TCO)

In addition to improving BMCSTATS performance in general, this SPE significantly increases the amount of statistics-collection processing that BMCSTATS can offload to a zIIP. Specifically, the SPE enables you to offload:

  • All DB2 page file I/O processing
  • Table space data analysis
  • Index space data analysis

For more information about either of these new enhancements, see the Technical Bulletins located in the BMC Documentation Center.

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