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4 Critical Capabilities for Patch Management

Serena Lambiase
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Serena Lambiase

Fast, efficient patch management is essential for effective enterprise security. As software vendors discover flaws and vulnerabilities in their products, a timely fix can make all the difference to protect your business from a damaging compromise. But how can you keep track of all the vulnerable devices in your organization—and ensure that you’re deploying the right patches, in the right priority, for optimal risk mitigation? Without a holistic, automated approach to detect, deploy, and manage patches across your organization, it’s all too easy to fall behind.

As the speed and complexity of the threat landscape increase, a mature patch management capability can help you ensure that your devices are reliably protected against known software vulnerabilities.

Patch management encompasses four critical elements:

  1. Identifying which devices are missing patches
  2. Automatically gathering patches from vendors
  3. Deploying patches to devices
  4. Providing reports to help you make informed business decisions

BMC Client Management provides comprehensive, automated tools to manage endpoints, maintain compliance, and reduce security risk. Addressing all the critical elements of patch management, the solution enables enterprises of all sizes to prevent data loss, data corruption, and lost productivity, and avoid the financial impact of a breach. To learn how BMC Client Management can help you reduce costs, lower risk, and enhance service, download the Client Management solution brief. Try BMC Client Management today to see what it can do for your organization!

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About the author

Serena Lambiase

Serena Lambiase

Serena Lambiase is currently the Lead Product Manager for BMC Client Management. In this role, she builds and manages the product backlog and roadmap based on corporate strategy and input from customers, partners, and industry analysts.

Ms. Lambiase has worked with service management software since 2001, when she started with Network Associates. Prior to this, she built her experience around the sales and marketing of technology products at companies such as Lucent Technologies and Dell Computer Corporation.

Ms. Lambiase holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master of Business Administration in Global Management from the University of Phoenix and two patents (6862581: Patch distribution system, 6859793: Software license reporting and control).