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5 Ways to Deliver a Transcendent Customer Experience

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In the current make-or-break economy, the customer comes first, and acquiring, and most importantly, retaining customers, is even more integral to a business’s success or failure. To attract and keep customers, it’s increasingly important to give them what they need, when and where they want it.

As a tenet of the Autonomous Digital Enterprise future-state business framework, a Transcendent Customer Experience blends human and technology engagement to create better customer experiences for both internal customers (employees) and external customers across every channel they use. This year, those channels have been predominately digital.

According to PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Survey 2020, 46 percent more urban residents used their cell phones to make purchases, 41 percent used PCs, and 33 percent used tablets—and over 90 percent of respondents intend to continue that trend. How do you create a Transcendent Customer Experience? In our e-book, we explore five business use cases that bring the ADE tenet to life.

  • Unifying Enterprise Service Catalog: Eliminate inefficient processes, provide a positive user experience, simplify IT enforcement from anywhere, at any time, on any device, and allow solutions to be tailored to users based on their roles, locations, and requirements by creating a single, consumer-like catalog storefront where employees can intuitively order hardware, software, and services with just one click.
  • Delivering Self-Service Through Intelligent Omni-Channel Experiences: Move past complex, expensive, traditional, keyword-based service approaches and give users a seamless, continuous experience, regardless of the contact method. Embedded cognitive intelligent technologies such as chatbots, or “bots,” which use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), enable a conversational, personalized, easy way to find and request services through existing tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack.
  • Scaling Service Delivery Beyond IT: Improve problem resolution and tracking; service level agreement (SLA) management, control, and governance; and productivity; and reduce the risk of security breaches and non-compliance by automating workflows across business functions with bots, self-service catalogs, and automated case lifecycle management.
  • Employing Intelligent Service Interactions: Empower service staff to get back to more business-critical tasks with automated, intuitive, and interactive solutions that allow users and employees to find and request services through a conversational and personalized interface.
  • AI-Assisted Anomaly Detection: Give personnel the lead time to address and correct anomalies before they ever impact customers, and reduce the need for an in-house data scientist, with scalable, securable, customized, multivariate AI tools that can detect issues hours or days before they’re visible as a system interruption or failure.

Businesses succeed and fail by how they serve their employees and customers. Companies that commit to creating a Transcendent Customer Experience by blending human functions and technology across the organization, in ways that make technology feel more human, will not only survive but thrive.

The Autonomous Digital Enterprise - Transcendent Customer Experience

We explore select business use cases where delivering a Transcendent Customer Experience, a tenet of the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, can solve for common enterprise challenges.

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