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How do I Accelerate Getting Value Out of My Solution?

Dirk Braune
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Dirk Braune

Every business and IT leader has business critical goals to achieve when they make an IT investment. Even further and often more daunting is being able to quickly demonstrate the value around it back to the company. After the acquisition process, the pressure is on to get the solution operational and functioning to specification. And the project success not only depends on the quality of the solution but also on the skills of the project team. Instinctually we know that training is an essential requirement for project success.

Customize Based on Your Needs

What type of training you invest in can make a difference. More important, it´s key to select the most efficient solution for your company’s specific demands. Standard training that’s pre-packaged is immediately available and doesn´t require investment in customization.  It is often available self-paced 24/7 or via a pre-determined schedule.

On the other hand, if your delivery timeline is accelerated, investing in customized training can make the difference in not only getting your team productive quickly but can even further ensure adoption—especially if the solution is for a wide-scale release to all staff at your company.

By investing in a customizable training program, the content is tailored to the specifics of your IT environment and the skill level of your team. You can even adjust the branding to be consistent with corporate standards as well as integrate seamlessly into your other training offers.

Does Customizable Learning Really Make a Difference?

The short answer is yes – but don’t take it from me. Here are two different examples from our customers – one with a focused set of use-cases and another with a wide-scale solution roll-out to both technical and non-technical staff.

Accelerating Use-Case Adoption

For a major U.S. bank managing over $138 billion in assets, regulatory requirements drove the need for modern IT solutions to automate compliance management. The bank needed to efficiently manage compliance, patching, and remediation tasks across its IT groups and successfully meet compliance milestones. BMC Education Services accelerated solution adoption and efficiency gains through a tailored on-site education program. The program focused on three key domains (application package deployment, compliance management, and patching) and armed staff with the capability to quickly build out more complex automation use-cases such as automated vulnerability remediation and provisioning self-service. By completing the training faster, and therefore helping the IT staff to more quickly achieve success using it, the bank was able to accelerate additional use-cases, substantially reducing the original timeline to go from three use-cases completed within a year to five.

Accelerating Wide-Scale Solution Roll-Out

For an international airline based is Southeast Asia, operating efficiencies are of critical importance to ensuring competitive pricing of their flights and travel services. The airline needed to efficiently manage help desk tickets converting from a call desk to an automated, self-service solution and for this they selected BMC’s MyIT solution. Thousands of employees needed to understand the importance of the change to them as well as be able to use the new solution quickly so that cost-savings could be achieved quickly. BMC Education Services accelerated solution adoption by tailoring a 6 minute communication video highlighting the benefits to the airline and the employees and the key steps in the implementation. The video was complemented with an end-user web-based training module, incorporating the company’s branding and messages that trained all staff on critical uses of the tool for their roles. By tailoring the training content, the airline was able to accelerate through the change management process and get higher usage rates of MyIT than initially expected.

To learn more about BMC customizable learning, check out our explainer video on YouTube. If you are considering migrating to MyIT for your help desk, you can learn more about how our acceleration service can assist that effort.

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About the author

Dirk Braune

Dirk Braune

Dirk Braune is Director Education Development for BMC Software responsible for course offering strategy and definition as well as the complete development of all education contents. Before BMC, Dirk was responsible for PTC University EMEA including all sales, deliveries and operations of the company’s education business (PTC is a CAD and process software vendor).

Prior to PTC, Dirk led the overall learning portfolio for Alcatel-Lucent with 4,000+ courses, the training pricing plus all customized deliveries. While at Alcatel-Lucent, he led the customer training as Director for Alcatel-Lucent and later was named Vice President for learning development and strategy of the Enterprise Division of Alcatel-Lucent.

In his 13 years for Genesys (a contact center software vendor), Dirk was VP of Genesys University for five years and sat on the global education team. His earlier work at Genesys also included the management of the German and European training teams.

Over his 20-year career in the IT and learning industry, Dirk has worked with and in international companies and teams as project manager, instructor and manager, including subsidiaries of Siemens and HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit.

Dirk has also served on the CEdMA Board of Trustees for several years as Programs and Services Trustee.
Dirk holds a Master in Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.