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Digital Service Management: A New Vision for ITSM

Robin Purohit
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Robin Purohit

Human productivity in the age of the digital enterprise

I have been on the road talking to hundreds of customers, and it seems nearly every company in every industry, geography, and size is actively thinking about how to become a digitally-oriented business. Every customer I meet with is now looking for a path to embrace the digital service revolution. This is not surprising when you consider what our friends at Capgemini and MIT Sloan are saying–companies on the forefront of digital transformation are 26 percent more profitable than their peer group.

Digital services are very different from the IT services of the past. They are expected to be mobile and highly intuitive, but evolve at a speed and operate at a scale we have never seen in the traditional IT world. People need to be productive on a whole new level by having information that’s relevant to what they are trying to do wherever they are. A digital business can compete with human productivity and efficiency gains that are truly spectacular.

Based on conversations with customers as well as analysts, we see four key areas where enterprises are adopting digital innovation: Digital Workplace, 360° Customer View, Digital Marketplace, and Internet of Things (IoT) Scale Automation. These four use cases are where we see organizations investing in value-added digital services that grow the business on top of traditional IT services. We are actively working with our customers today on these digital innovation use cases so they can create digital business models that scale.

DSM Use Cases

  • Digital Workplace: Digital workplace is a term that Gartner introduced, which describes the enablement of people to do their work anywhere and any location as easily as if they were at a fixed desk. BMC’s solutions, like MyIT, enable businesses to create a digital workplace of the future.
  • 360° Customer View: Companies need to seamlessly service customers regardless of channel; sales, marketing, and customer support. To make this work, IT has to be fully integrated with all digital customer channels.
  • Digital Marketplaces: Refers to value-added services that drive revenue through digital channels, without direct engagement with customers. Services essentially sell themselves in a highly networked online marketplace available in enterprise app stores.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Scale Automation: The automation of IT has always been a core focus for our industry. Now we are seeing digital innovation well beyond the firewall and data centers of our customers. This is happening with point-of-sale devices, energy pipelines, and increasingly, healthcare biometric devices. Our solutions can now manage the scale of assets and touch points with a service measured in the trillions of devices.

BMC is embracing this new digital future with platforms that provide a highly automated industrial IT back-end that seamlessly integrates ITSM and ITOM best practices with a digital services front-end. Our decades of experience as the market leader in ITSM means we can do the heavy lifting for our digital enterprise customers, so they can focus on their journey to delivering the next stage in service management, Digital Service Management. That’s combined with substantial investments in creating breakthrough user experience for employees and IT.

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About the author

Robin Purohit

Robin Purohit

As the President of ITSM for BMC Software, Robin is responsible for P&L, strategy, product, and GTM enablement for IT Service Management including: Remedy platform, SaaS offerings (including RemedyForce and RemedyOnDemand); MyIT, and IT Management enablers such as discovery and mapping, and the BMC Atrium CMDB.