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3 Secrets to Driving Mainframe Success in 2018

Tom Vogel
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Tom Vogel

Avoid the big tax payment due.

It’s tax season, and we’re all trying to optimize to ensure we don’t get hit with a big bill at the end of another year. If you’re like me, I try to aim for the big zero—meaning I don’t owe a large sum in April, but I also don’t receive a huge refund (which means I’m an interest-free lender to the government). Optimizing to zero is a good thing with taxes.

For the mainframe, you want to similarly optimize. Growth is good, so you want to see mainframe capacity and budget grow over time. And with the impact of the digital explosion happening all around us, it’s unavoidable that the mainframe will be impacted with higher costs. The key is to ensure you’re not overpaying—just like with taxes.

What do I mean by overpaying? In today’s mainframe world, higher transactions and volatility translate to unpredictable peaks in your environment. Managing these peaks can be critical to ensure you optimize to pay the lowest cost you can, without suffering from SLA damage. It’s a tough balancing act, but mainframe teams are doing it today, with the help of BMC’s expertise, support, and solutions. The key is to gain the transparency and insight into what drives your bill each month. Then, manage the peaks and look for ways to optimize the cost structure for your MLC software.

Learn more about optimizing that mainframe “tax” so that you can sleep well at night. Join our upcoming live webinar, “3 Secrets to Driving Your Mainframe Success in 2018.” You’ll be happy you did.

Forrester study reveals strategies for controlling mainframe costs

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Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel

Tom Vogel has enjoyed 25 years in the software industry, in various technical, marketing, and business development roles.
At IBM Corporation, Tom managed product launches for various database products on all platforms. Previously, Tom managed the marketing and communications for a host of middleware software packages, such as OpenTV interactive TV software. At Automation Anywhere in San Jose, Tom was the Director of the ERP Business, managing Business Development and Marketing for the company's rapidly growing ERP process automation and testing automation solutions. Tom is experienced in building customer and partner relationships, and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. Today, Tom is the Lead Solutions Marketing Manager for innovative mainframe cost optimization and data management offerings at BMC Software.