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3 Considerations When Changing IT Operations Products

Robin Reddick
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Robin Reddick

“The only thing that is constant is change”. That quote from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus is as true today as it was in the 6th century BC, and it especially applies to the IT industry. Established technology vendors often acquire technology companies to obtain innovative new technologies, enter new markets, enter adjacent markets, and even acquire customers to grow their installed base. Recent examples include Broadcom acquiring CA Technologies, IBM purchasing RedHat, and SAP buying Qualtrics.

This constant shift creates uncertainty for customers, placing them in the position of routinely evaluating their investment in software solutions. IT organizations need solutions that support their current and future needs – which means partnering with proven technology vendors that offer investment protection, and a roadmap of new capabilities and business value going forward.

There are core products that every IT operations organization relies upon to ensure business continuity – and meet customer expectations. Performance monitoring, infrastructure planning, capacity optimization, and automation are imperatives.

When acquisitions occur, IT organizations need to assess their IT operations solutions and consider alternatives. Some important questions to ask are:

    1. Will your current solution provider continue to provide the products you rely on to run your IT operations?

      IT operations and infrastructure management are the foundation of BMC. With 92 of the Fortune 100 using BMC to keep their IT operations and business services running, our solutions are tested and proven in the most complex IT environments. BMC continues to be committed to providing solutions to core IT operations:


      TrueSight uses AIOps and advanced analytics to understand “normal” operations and predict, detect and resolve operational problems that interrupt business services.


    1. Will you continue to get the technical support, including the technical expertise, you need to quickly address product problems?

      BMC recognizes that a technical support team that helps resolve problems quickly is an important aspect of any purchasing decision. This is proven by our world class customer satisfaction rating. BMC support is available 24x7x365. For organizations that feel they need technical support to be intimate with their business operations, they can choose Premier Support for a dedicated team of technical experts to work with.


  1. What will the investment be for new capabilities that are needed to continue to modernize your IT operations?

    BMC continues to make an above average investment in R&D. Since the company’s inception, $8 billion has been invested in developing new capabilities for existing products and developing new products to address new technology and business problems – such as cloud security, cloud cost management, and modernizing the service management experience.

There will always be change in the technology market. BMC is one of the few software vendors that has continued to be a constant for IT organizations. BMC has helped organizations run and reinvent their IT operations for decades now – starting with the mainframe and now solving problems with cloud operations.

Learn more about BMC and organizations that have trusted BMC to help them run and reinvent their IT operations.

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Robin Reddick

Robin Reddick

Robin Reddick is a solutions marketer for BMC’s cloud operations solutions, which help organizations govern, secure and manage costs of their mutli-cloud environments. Robin joined BMC in 2010 with 20+ years of experience with infrastructure management software solutions.