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    Pricing Questions

  • How do I pay for the subscription service online? Do you take credit cards?

    We try to make it as easy as possible for you to purchase online. If you don’t wish to speak to anyone, then you can subscribe directly from our service by pressing the “Subscribe Now” button and entering the quantities that you’d like. You can pay via credit card in the US or Canada, or request to be invoiced. Or if you prefer to meet with a representative, our BMC Sales team will be happy to assist.

  • Do I have to do a free trial before I can subscribe to the service?

    You need to register for the free trial, then at any point after that you will have the option to “Subscribe Now” from within the service. You do not need to wait the full trial duration (14 days) before you can subscribe.

  • How many nodes can I monitor with the free trial?

    You will be able to monitor 20 nodes with your trial.

  • What is a node?

    A “node” is any virtual or physical machine that you are monitoring with Pulse.

  • Are there any data limits with the Standard and Advanced plans?

    With the Standard plan, you can monitor 20 metrics per node. See this page for a list of the 20 metrics included in the Standard plan. With the Advanced plan, you can monitor up to 100 data streams per node. A “data stream” = 1 metric + the source name. These 100 data streams may come from the meter, end user metrics, integrations, Statsd or custom metrics you create.

  • Which plan includes the ability to monitor end user metrics?

    In order to monitor end user metrics, you must purchase the Advanced Plan. Each end user metric plus the URL (source) is considered a data stream. This is introductory pricing and will change in the future.

  • What is Public Cloud integration and how much does it cost?

    Public cloud integration allows you to pull your AWS Cloudwatch or Azure Monitor metrics into Pulse, giving you the ability to graph and alarm on that data just like any other metric. It is just $30 per month for your entire public cloud account (limited to 2000 data streams) on an annual plan, or $50 per month per public cloud account (limited to 2000 data streams) on a monthly plan. It can be an add-on to the Standard or Advanced subscription or can be purchased separately.

  • Are there any additional charges for using Public Cloud integration?

    It depends on your pricing tier, monitored services, number of instances monitored, polling frequency, and AWS region used. Basic monitoring metrics (at five-minute frequency) for Amazon EC2 instances are free of charge, as are all metrics for Amazon EBS volumes, Elastic Load Balancers, and Amazon RDS DB instances. AWS charges more for monitoring at 1-minute frequencies. TrueSight Pulse uses AWS CloudWatch APIs to retrieve the metrics for the monitored AWS instances and services, so any usage not covered by your account terms will be charged by Amazon directly to your AWS account. BMC does not know how much it is going to be, so the best way is to check the AWS CloudWatch pricing. If you want to decrease your costs, consider disabling monitoring for some AWS services or instances.

    Microsoft does not current have an additional charge for Azure Monitor although they have indicated that might change after the public beta period. You may choose to set up Azure storage to retain any metrics you monitor and you will be charged for the cost of that storage. Refer to this article for more information.

  • Can I deploy a meter in my Public Cloud environment?

    Yes you can. If you require more granular collection, detailed alerts or broader monitoring for your AWS or Azure environment, you can purchase either our Standard or Advanced plan for the desired of number of AWS instances you wish to monitor (each instance would be considered a “node”).

  • How many active alarms can I have in my account?

    You can have up to 200 active alarms in your account for Standard and Advanced plans.

  • Can I create my own custom metrics? What APIs do you have?

    Yes, Pulse has an extensive set of APIs. For custom metrics you can access our REST API that allows you to dynamically define a metric and its attributes. There are many other APIs available that allow interaction with the major functions of the product—Account, Actions, Meters, Metrics and Plugins.

  • What are the terms of your service?

    Terms of use can be found here (pdf).