End User Experience Monitoring

TrueSight Pulse gives you visibility via end user experience monitoring to ensure the quality of your web applications. In today’s competitive environment, end users measure the performance of your web applications against all other business and consumer web applications, regardless of industry. TrueSight Pulse uses end user experience monitoring of metrics like DNS, TCP, SSL, Ajax, DOM processing, DOM interactive, page load and page views to help you pinpoint areas of concern or interest in your web applications. Only by implementing end user experience monitoring of the sort TrueSight Pulse provides can you ensure your customers, clients and consumers are getting the performance they expect from your web application.

End user experience monitoring is easy to set up in TrueSight Pulse. Simply copy the auto-generated Javascript code from your settings inside Pulse and paste into the head element of any page, site or web application about which you’d like to get browser-side behavioral information. Pulse will immediately recognize the source, create some dashboards and begin streaming data.

For more information, check out the detailed support documentation.