Baseline Metrics

TrueSight Pulse’s meter collects the same metrics for all platforms, providing key information on your servers resource use.

TrueSight Pulse OS monitoring provides the following metrics for all platforms:

  • CPU Usage
  • CPU IO Wait Time
  • CPU System Time
  • CPU User Time
  • Disk Bytes Read
  • Disk Reads
  • Disk Bytes Written
  • Disk Writes
  • Memory Bytes Free
  • Context Switches
  • One Minute Load Average
  • Processor Queue
  • CPU Stolen Time
  • Filesystem Utilization
  • Memory Used
  • Total Number of Processes
  • Network Bytes Received
  • Network Bytes Sent
  • Number of Idle Processes
  • Number of Threads

For a full list of the platforms and versions supported by the TrueSight Pulse Meter please see this KB article: TrueSight Pulse Meter Supported Platforms.

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