AWS Elastic Map Reduce

monitor AWS EMR truesight pulse

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) is a web service that makes it easy to quickly and cost-effectively process vast amounts of data.

TrueSight Pulse helps you make the most of EMR by monitoring for performance and issues with these metrics:

  • Core Nodes Pending
  •  Core Nodes Running
  •  HBase Backup Failed
  •  HBase Most Recent  Backup Duration
  •  HBase Time Since Last Successful Backup
  •  HDFS Bytes Read
  •  HDFS Bytes Written
  •  HDFS  Utilization
  •  Is Idle
  •  Jobs Failed
  •  Jobs Running
  •  Live Data Nodes
  •  Live Task Trackers
  •  Map Slots Open
  •  Missing Blocks
  •  Reduce Slots Open
  •  Remaining Map Tasks
  •  Remaining Map Tasks Per Slot
  •  Remaining Reduce Tasks
  •  Running Map Tasks
  •  Running Reduce Tasks
  •  S3 Bytes Read
  •  S3 Bytes Written
  •  Task Nodes Pending
  •  Task  Nodes Running
  •  Total Load

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