"With TrueSight Pulse we were able to troubleshoot MySQL problems that eventually allowed us to scale appropriately, saving thousands in monthly AWS costs"

Seth Lindberg, Sr. Operations Engineer, Womply


Technology and Data Management

United States

Founded in 2011, Womply is one of the fastest growing merchant-focused companies in America. They strive to fulfill their mission to grow, protect, and simplify small business by creating technology and data work designed with small business in mind. Every day, Womply serves tens of thousands of merchants, throughout the U.S., across more than 400 business verticals, including food & beverage, education, transportation, and many more.

Womply’s business tools enable users to attract and retain customers, positively affecting revenue without breaking the bank. The Womply team helps protect small businesses by monitoring and defending online business reputations on sites including Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook and many more. Womply aims to make technology much simpler by creating solutions that give small businesses more capabilities and features while requiring less time and effort.

Recently, Womply was given the opportunity to completely redo the way they handled monitoring. Their team required a service that was easy to implement, provided the flexibility to configure to meet their needs, and would be able to handle the speed in which they attempt to innovate. Boundary’s one-second resolution made it the monitoring solution of choice for Womply.

The speed at which Boundary relays data informs the Womply team of problems they didn’t know they needed to watch out for. Boundary’s plugins are another huge bonus, and allow Womply to gather metrics on ActiveMQ.

“It’s fascinating to watch the real-time effects of a code deploy,” said Lindberg.

For more information visit: www.womply.com

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