"With TrueSight Pulse, we are able to see bottlenecks and issues before they happen vs. after they are reported by our clients"

Keith Janak, IT Network Administrator, InterviewStream



United States

InterviewStream was built with the goal of launching careers through the use of video technology. The service provides tools to simplify the journey from student to job seeker to top performer. They strive to provide the right fit of pre-recorded and live video solutions to help students, job seekers and talent professionals hire and train, making them more competitive in the job market. InterviewStream also helps talent acquisition professionals in recruiting and engaging qualified candidates, while still preserving their personal touch.

The team at InterviewStream believes that video can be one of the most powerful resources for business, making it their goal to provide the best tools and strategies for organizations to take full advantage. This mindset has expanded InterviewSteam’s customer base, and attracted some of the most forward-thinking businesses and universities in the world to using the service.

When InterviewStream became a globally accessible company, their team realized that they had to be able to monitor their services around the world 24/7. They began looking for a monitoring solution to help identify problems faster and proactively in order to ensure the best experience for clients. Boundary’s one second monitoring has allowed InterviewStream to fulfill this need. Boundary’s monitoring solution allows InterviewStream’s IT team to see utilization trends globally that they were never able to get with other monitoring solutions.

“This has been a game changer in the way we run and maintain our services,” said Janak.

Another bonus to choosing Boundary as a monitoring solution is the fantastic support team. While using the product, the team at InterviewStream has enjoyed live chat and fast email response times from Boundary’s customer success team. They’ve never feel alone in the process of building and developing a solution that works perfectly for them. It’s easy for their team to integrate with every step of the process, and ensure that each part of their service is performing to the standard their clients deserve.

“Boundary is a great asset to any IT team that demands fast, detailed monitoring for their IT environment,” said Janak.

For more information visit: interviewstream.com

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