"TrueSight Pulse’s 1-second resolution and support are awesome. It’s really nice to be able to compare different charts and create custom dashboards that jive with one another and fit our needs"

Patrick Tulskie, Sr. Software Engineer, BeenVerified


Public Data

United States

BeenVerified’s mission is to help people discover, understand and use public data in their everyday lives. The company was founded with the goal of helping consumers build trust online. BeenVerified helps consumers make more informed decisions about the people they interact with by giving users affordable and easy access to public records.

Each month, over 100,000 subscribers rely on data from BeenVerified.  The service helps users find in-depth information on people, phone numbers, property records, criminal records and much more. BeenVerified’s online and mobile apps have helped people look for long lost relatives, check out new neighbors, search criminal histories, and monitor information about themselves.

Historically, BeenVerified has had fairly solid application-level monitoring, but found deficiencies in their server-monitoring department. When searching for a monitoring solution, the BeenVerified team sought a solution that was both easy to setup and equipped with alerting that wouldn’t require a ton of custom configuration on their end.

Boundary’s 1-second resolution and alerting made it the monitoring solution of choice for the BeenVerified team. They began using the solution just before a big advertising spend, and right away Boundary provided them with immediate visibility into how their traffic and server performance were being affected throughout the high-volume campaign.

With Boundary, BeenVerified has been able to catch and fix misbehaving servers that were filling up their disks before they could become an issue. The real-time monitoring solution also provides the BeenVerified team with a visual of how certain scripts and cron jobs that run throughout the day are affecting their network, disk activity, and other system resources.

For more information visit: www.beenverified.com

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