"TrueSight Pulse has provided us with the simplest and most cost-effective way to monitor our customers’ infrastructure and applications with going through complicated and timely installations"

Daniel Medina, Avanxe


IT Services


Based in Mexico, Avanxe is an IT services company that provides on-premise and cloud infrastructure design, provisioning and maintenance.  They are part of a group of IT firms, which includes the software factory Indigo (dsindigo.com). Avanxe’s mission is to simplify cloud adoption for organizations of all sizes and make IT-as-a-Service a reality in the midterm through their hybrid, on-premise and cloud solutions portfolio.

Avanxe’s consulting services aim to offer their customers the right mix of infrastructure, software and services that align to satisfy their technology needs and enable their business objectives. From a simple cloud storage repository to a complete business continuity solution, Avanxe combines the best technologies on the market with their expertise to provide a one-stop-shop experience for all your company’s IT needs. Customer business applications have the ability to reside both in their private clouds and in managed public clouds. This allows applications to span multiple technologies, suppliers and infrastructure silos, while being continuously monitored and optimized by Avanxe’s team of experts.

Avanxe’s experts strive to use the best tools on the market to deliver the best experience to their users. The adoption of TrueSight Pulse’s 1-second monitoring has provided their team with the simplest and most cost-effective way to monitor their customers’ infrastructure and applications without dealing with complicated and timely installations. TrueSight Pulse provides their team with visibility into the most basic metrics and going up through the stack using their application-level plugins. This allows their team to optimize applications as they provision them in each customer’s cloud of choice.

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