This week G2 Crowd, a leading business review platform, released their Grid for Application Performance Management. Truesight Pulse nabbed a spot in the top 3 of the G2 Crowd APM Grid thanks to strong ratings by our customers. G2 Crowd brings the collective power of trusted peer users to buyers evaluating B2B software. They have over 100,000 reviews […]

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We’re the tops, we’re the Mona Lisa… We were thrilled last week when Tech Radar named TrueSight Pulse as a Top 5 website monitor for business. Pulse was built with dynamic, web-based business in mind so we love to hear that validated by the industry and analysts. Tech Radar highlighted our broad frontend and backend application […]

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Happy New Year from the TrueSight Pulse Team

By Randy Knaub on 01 10 2017

Happy New Year everyone from the BMC TrueSight Pulse Team! We had a great year in 2016 and have a lot of exciting things planned for 2017. I want to take a look back on some highlights from last year and share a couple of recently released updates. 2016 Highlights 2016 was our first full year at BMC after […]

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Azure Emergence

By Seth Paskin on 01 03 2017

I was recently made aware of this excellent cloud provider comparison page from Ilyas F. There are a number of things that are interesting if you want to drill down into specific feature comparisons but struck me was how ‘feature competitive’ Microsoft Azure is compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is the acknowledged leader in cloud […]

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Microsoft Azure Monitoring and Updated Plugins

By Randy Knaub on 12 13 2016

Microsoft Azure monitoring via API integration This month we continue our multi-source cloud journey with the addition of Microsoft Azure API integration. While you could always install a Pulse meter in a Windows VM or Linux VM in Azure to get real-time streaming data, API integration gives you the additional flexibility to connect to Azure Monitor metrics […]

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End User Experience Monitoring Comes to Pulse!

By Randy Knaub on 11 01 2016

End User Experience Monitoring Exciting news! TrueSight Pulse now provides real-time end user experience monitoring to go along with our real-time monitoring for modern frontend and backend infrastructure. What does this mean for you? By combining a view of the browser-side end user experience with a view of the technologies serving it up TrueSight Pulse can give you a […]

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Metrics Series: CPU Stolen Time

By Jesse Garza on 10 12 2016

CPU Stolen Time CPU Stolen Time is not as villainous as it sounds.  It can be a complex metric to measure. Think of it is as a relative measure of CPU cycles that SHOULD have been available to your application but were held back by the hypervisor.  This usually happens for two reasons: Because another […]

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TrueSight Pulse September 2016 Updates

By Randy Knaub on 09 27 2016

September Updates This month we have a few things to share from the world of TrueSight Pulse. New metrics/events command line tool, and it’s included in each OS package now Added a Debian/Jessie armhl and armel build to our repositories runs on Raspberry Pi’s and auto-installs the meter (look for upcoming blog post) Updated the […]

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Real Time Dashboards vs Dinosaur Reporting

By Patrick Campbell on 09 19 2016

Why Real Time Dashboards? Keeping your NOC staff, app developers and IT managers happy with useful monitoring data can seem an insurmountable challenge. I’m not saying these constituents are dinosaurs per se, although the use of old-fashioned processes to generate static reports is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The design and upkeep of timely reports that no one reads is […]

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Notes from BMC Engage

By Seth Paskin on 09 13 2016

BMC Engage – BMC’s premier customer conference September is an eventful month for us as we hosted our premier annual customer conference called “BMC Engage” in Las Vegas. Four days of customer meetings, sessions, hands-on labs, keynotes, executive encounters and technical exchanges. I had the privilege and responsibility of managing and introducing the sessions and […]

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