Monitoring-as-a-Service for cloud and server infrastructure

Real-time visibility with one-second resolution

BMC TrueSight Pulse (formerly Boundary)

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  • AWS Cloudwatch Integration

    AWS Cloudwatch Integration

  • Monitor any server OS or cloud platform

    Monitor any server OS or cloud platform

  • Light agent, low latency and network footprint

    Light agent, low latency and network footprint

  • Setup to live data in minutes

    Setup to live data in minutes

  • Plug in to DevOps tools

    Plug in to DevOps tools

  • Customize metrics and dashboards

    Customize metrics and dashboards

  • Stream Custom Metrics

    Stream Custom Metrics

  • Monitor Your Apps

    Monitor Your Apps

  • Customizable Dashboards

    Customizable Dashboards

  • Infrastructure Agnostic

    Infrastructure Agnostic

  • Seconds to Implement

    Seconds to Implement

  • Alert on Any Metric

    Alert on Any Metric

Trusted by Customers

TrueSight Pulse’s 1-second resolution and support are awesome. It’s really nice to be able to compare different charts and create custom dashboards that jive with one another and fit our needs
Patrick Tulskie,
Sr. Software Engineer, BeenVerified
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Find issues your current server or cloud monitoring solution is missing. Integrate AWS Cloudwatch metrics (EC2, RDS) into your infrastructure monitoring tool. Stabilize your infrastructure by finding misbehaving code and performance anomalies. Empower your DevOps teams to accelerate continuous delivery.

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  • AWS Cloudwatch

    Better AWS Cloudwatch Monitoring

    EBS, EC2, ElasitCache, EMR, RDS, SNS, SQS and more

    • With AWS IAM credentials TrueSight Pulse will automatically discover all of your AWS CloudWatch services and resources, start monitoring, set some key metric alarms and visualize the data in real-time graphs. No manual installation or configuration and the whole process takes seconds.
    • Correlate CloudWatch metrics with other application and technology metrics – see the bigger picture in finest detail.
    • Free yourself from CloudWatch static graphing with interactive zooming on unified dashboards.
    • Share dashboards with precise filters on time ranges and resources with anyone - even if they are not signed up for the service.
    • Extensive alarming mechanisms with finer control over time-ranges and alert on any metric.
  • DevOps toolchain

    Plug into the DevOps toolchain

    Chef, Puppet, Docker, Cassandra, Pager Duty, Slack and more

    • Monitor core metrics: CPU, memory, disk, network, Forkrate, Ping Check
    • Database monitoring: Aerospike, CouchDB, Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Hbase, Memcached, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis
    • Monitor web servers: Apache, HA Proxy, HTTP Check, Litespeed, NGINX
    • Automate deployment: Chef, Puppet, Ansible
    • Messaging monitoring: Kafka, RabbitMQ
    • Feed notification and collaboration tools: Campfire, Flowdock, HipChat, OpsGenie, Pager Duty, Slack, VictorOps, xMatters
  • Customize Alerts and Dashboards

    Templates, Build Your Own, Re-Skin, Embed & Share

    • Dashboards can have any combination of metrics - use for everyday KPIs or ad-hoc diagnostics
    • Use our native metrics or create your own
    • Unify multiple systems in a single dashboard or monitor individual servers or groups
    • Choose your own layouts, colors and styles
    • Embed live TrueSight Pulse graphs in other sites, portals, or applications
    • Share current monitoring or specific data windows with your team
  • Light and Fast Deployment Anywhere

    AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Rackspace, VMware, Linux, Windows, MacOS

    • Full support for physical and virtualized systems
    • Works effortlessly across public, private or hybrid clouds
    • Single command line install
    • Meter (agent) typically <1% CPU
    • Meter traffic typically <20MB/day (compressed)