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Submit Issue Via Email

Instructions for submitting a BMC Customer Support ticket using email:

1. In the subject line of your email, enter your Support Contract ID. Enter this information in the following format:


For example, if your Support Contract ID is 1, you have a medium priority ticket, and your ticket is workflow related, the subject line of your email would read:


- Please note that leading digits, '0', are no longer required in front of the Support Contract ID.

Partners, when submitting issues on behalf of your customers, please enter your Support Contract ID, followed by the Customer Support Contract ID: SupID:yourSupportContractID;EUSupID:CustomerSupportContractID

2. In the body of your email, please enter a detailed description of the problem, including operating system and database information (if applicable). All emails and attachments are subject to standard security checks. To ensure an attachment does not get removed by email security filtering software please compress all file attachments into a file with a .zip file extension using an application such as WinZip.

3. Send To:

If you experience problems with this ticket submission method, you may login and submit a new issue or call your local Customer Support center.