Installation System - Electronic Software Distribution

The BMC Software Electronic Software Distribution (ESD) site provides access to BMC Software products, solutions, and maintenance. The Installation System and the electronic download capability are part of the BMC Software commitment to provide our customers with management solutions that are easy to install and easy to use. If you prefer tape media delivery, the current tape cartridge delivery mechanism is available.

Through the ESD site you can download the OS/390 and z/OS Installation System and product distribution files in compressed binary form to your mainframe environment by using File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Each downloaded file is decompressed automatically and is placed on your DASD. When the products have been installed successfully, the Installation System deletes all compressed and decompressed installation files that are no longer required.

ESD site

The ESD FTP site is password protected. You must have a user ID and password to access the site directly or from the Installation System. To obtain a user ID and password, contact your Customer Support Representative.

The readme file contains instructions for downloading files from the ESD site.

The FTP address for the ESD site is


The FTP address and user ID has changed. Please change any JCL you are using that refers to to, and contact your Customer Support Representative for the new user ID and password.

Product documentation

Product documentation includes release notes, installation information, technical bulletins, and user guides. For more information on using the Installation System, see your product installation and customization guides for your product.

Product installation and customization guides provide product-specific installation and customization information. Installation and customization guides are shipped with your order. You can also download documentation from the BMC Software Customer Support web site. Select your product from the A-Z Supported Product List, and download the documentation for your version of the product.