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Resource Description
secure icon Product Downloads (EPD) Retrieve product trials, upgrades, license key information, purchased products, patches, and service packs through the Electronic Product Distribution facility.
Product Patches secure icon For BMC Software Heritage Products, visit the A-Z Supported Product List. Patches are available on the product documentation page.

secure icon Remedy Heritage Products, visit the Patch Download site.
NOTE: The Remedy Heritage Product Patch Download site contains patches released in 2009 or earlier and is provided as a historical convenience to BMC Remedy customers. Patches released in 2010 or later will only be distributed from the Product Downloads (EPD) site.

secure icon Find out how to get patches for BMC Performance Assurance for Servers agent and console.
Mainframe PTF's Find PTFs, locate FTP guide and installation instructions, access electronic downloads, and learn about installing BMC mainframe products. Detailed information regarding Mainframe PTF solutions can now be found in our Knowledge Base.
Configuration Management Field Services Resource Kit secure icon The FSRK contains tools which have been developed to provide additional functionality to the Configuration Management family of products. These unsupported utilities are packaged.
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