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Business Service Management (BSM)

BSM Overview

What is Business Service Management (BSM)?

BSM takes the IT you already have, and adds to it the visibility and control of a unified platform.

The result? Some pretty amazing things:

  • Reduce downtime by up to 75%
  • Deliver services up to 30% more efficiently
  • Deliver new services up to 50% more quickly
  • Effectively centralize planning and budgeting with visibility into 95+% of IT spend

BMC Atrium is the service-driven architecture that drives BSM. With a unified architecture, you get great results sooner — and keep getting them well into the future.

BSM for the Mid-Market

A fanatical focus on what’s important. Ease of use. Rapid value.
Organizations with 500 – 5,000 employees have specific IT management needs. That’s why BMC offers solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements … because one size does not fit all.

Cloud Computing

BSM for Cloud Computing helps you build, manage, and run a better cloud. No matter where you are in your cloud deployment, we help you:

  • Design your cloud
    Nail your cloud plan, despite the many stakeholders and changing business processes
  • Deliver what you promise
    Arm your cloud users with more choices, while keeping administration efficient and flexible
  • Operate and optimize
    Meet service levels and manage user experience, every single day
  • Keep your cloud compliant and cost effective
    Maintain control over change, configuration, compliance, and costs

Cloud Overview

How do you get the very best cloud for your business? What do you need and what are you missing?

Data Center Automation

Put your data center back to work for you. BSM for Data Center Automation gives you the workflows and practices you need to create and deliver complex IT services.

  • Automate routine data center events
  • Fix problems as they happen, or avoid them altogether
  • Stay in compliance through automated audits and remediation
  • Release and run web-based apps more smoothly than ever

Manual tasks. Inefficiency. Nasty, nasty words.

See how BSM for Data Center Automation tackles both, providing modular solutions that address everything from service provisioning and configuration to workload automation and compliance automation.

IT Business Management

You offer great IT services. But what do they cost?

BSM for IT Business Management lets you centralize management of IT financials, suppliers, and other resources to improve business alignment.

  • See what resources you use—and what they cost—to provide IT services to the business
  • Prioritize and manage demand based on business goals
  • Control the entire supplier and asset lifecycle—and see full costs of each, from evaluation to retirement
  • Build better forecasts and budgets for IT resources—at a project and operations level

Looking for a cloud-based solution?

Explore BMC SaaS IT management options.

Finance, meet IT

BSM for IT Business Management gives you the financial insight to make better decisions. And that's a big deal. You'll be able to effectively communicate the cost of services to stakeholders, and so much more.

See just how much it can do -

IT Service Management

Help, everywhere you need it

BMC Remedy IT Service Management makes it easier to request, change, and support business services — on premise, on demand, and from your mobile device. The best-run companies choose BMC because it's:

  • Easy to use — BMC Remedy ITSM solutions are even easier to buy, learn, and use than ever. We've made upgrades hassle-free, including customizations. And no matter which version you choose, it's powerful and proven.
  • Modern — Some help desks try too hard to look slick, at the cost of performance. BMC Remedy is the performance champion and comes loaded with the latest in mobility, social collaboration, and ease of integration — and it looks nice, too.
  • Scalable — Planning for growth? BMC Remedy ITSM solutions are the most scalable in the world. For example, our SaaS solutions are backed by the world's most massive enterprise clouds. And all our solutions center on a super-scalable and robust CMDB.
  • Intelligent and affordable — BMC Remedy ITSM solutions include real best practices right out of the box, as well as smart code-free customization and hands-free provisioning for virtual and physical environments — all priced to fit your budget.

Mainframe Cost Optimization

Does your mainframe have a spending problem?

BSM makes mainframes even more affordable, while actually boosting performance. In short, you get more business value from finite resources.

Case in point? BSM helps you:

  • Move routine processing to low-cost zIIP processors
  • Effectively model and forecast best-case capacity usage
  • Maximize intelligent automation to improve performance, increase availability, and speed MTTR
  • Eliminate planned — and reduce unplanned—outages
  • Detect and remediate problems before they affect operations

World Wide Mainframe Survey: How do you compare?

The 6th annual worldwide survey results are in — find out what’s top of mind for 1300 mainframe users.

Proactive Operations

All IT events are not created equal.

By shifting to a proactive approach to managing IT operations, you can prioritize what you should be working on by the potential impact to the business. You'll also:

  • Improve service availability, performance, and delivery
  • Achieve early, fast, and intelligent problem detection, repair, and avoidance
  • Proactively detect and resolve application performance issues before they affect end users

Less costly. Less risky. More responsive.

Who doesn't want that from their IT department? See how BSM for Proactive Operations delivers by combining planning, predictive analytics, and preventative automation.

BSM simplifies and automates IT Management

View the interactive BSM Blueprint

Request and Support

Provision and Configure

Consistently deploy business services across applications, servers, networks, databases, hypervisors and clients.

Monitor and Operate

Plan and Govern

Manage your IT supply, demand, and budget and ensure compliance with policies and regulations.

Integrate & Orchestrate

Discover, model, visualize, and assign priority to business services. Design services based on service blueprints and a unified service model.


Global Services

BMC Global Services transforms IT's people, process and technology.

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